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Last year I was in the Owned by the Alpha anthology and co-wrote six books with Sam Crescent. We have the Killer of Kings series and the Breeding Season series, with much more in store. The 5th Killer of Kings book is releasing later this month!

This year I plan to have many solo releases from cowboys, bad boys, to shifters, including more co-written work.

Rough and Ready is the first in a new cowboy menage series. All the books will be stand-alone set in the same town. You'll find a lot of the guys in this book will have their own story to tell soon.

I have several books on the go right now and hope to share them with you once they're ready. I'd love to interact with you on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and in our Playroom. The links are in this new…

New Book, New Series!

I'm excited to announce the first book in our new series!  If you're okay with an older man determined to get what he wants under any circumstance, then continue to the buy links... Breeding Season, 1 Adora Garcia isn’t interested in being the breeding vessel for some arrogant billionaire. She has plans for her life and they don’t include being knocked up by a man over twice her age. Her single mother cleans Tobias Bennett’s penthouse suite, so when Adora refuses his indecent proposal, he threatens to find a new maid. Tobias needs an heir, but he’s not ready to settle down, and certainly not interested in love. He doesn’t have a plan until he sees the curvy brunette standing in his condo. Everything he wants, he gets, and he wants Adora. What he doesn’t expect is the rush of possessiveness that takes him by storm. Will Adora give up her virginity to the ruthless businessman? Can Tobias open his heart after keeping it closed off for decades? E…

Killer of Kings is BACK!

Hard to Get (Killer of Kings, 4) by Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino
Shadow keeps to himself, never mixing business with pleasure. Business is killing. Pleasure is the girl next door. 
Riley never had help growing up, but she’s determined to make something of her life. She used her own blood, sweat, and line of credit to buy her home and bakery. Everything is perfect—only it’s not. She’s lonely and can’t stop obsessing over her sexy, mysterious neighbor. 

Shadow has perfected his self-control over the years, so ignoring Riley comes naturally. But when the curvy temptation becomes entangled in his world, targeted by a group of assassins, he takes personal responsibility for her safety. She’s cute, feisty, and he plans to show her just how dark and dirty he can be. If they can stay alive, they may just have the love of a lifetime.


Fall updates 🍁

I've been writing a lot more in 2017, and 2018 is going to be even better. I'm excited to be writing again and exploring different genres. I now have four books co-written with the lovely Sam Crescent in the Killer of Kings series this year, and we're working on the fifth. We have another series started, and you can expect the first book in that very naughty new series coming soon. 

I have a couple western menage books, and a contemporary and paranormal menage nearing completion for Evernight and Siren. I want to have them finished this year.
On the home front, the Canadian weather in September and October has been AMAZING! After a cool, rainy summer, it was much appreciated. The kids are doing good and the grandson is growing like a weed. We're still impatiently waiting for our adoption to go through. We're really hoping there is some movement this year as the wait has been crazy long. 
Me and hubby are still doing P90X and trying to eat healthy. The Thanksgiving…

Naughty Amish Romance by Lynn Burke

Title: Abel's Obsession Author: Lynn Burke Genre: BDSM Novella Release Date: August 31, 2017
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

25% off through Evernight Publishing

A young man of religious fervor and self-control, Abel Beiler has every intention of honoring his parents and being baptized into the Amish church. The woman with red curls and flashing green eyes in the back of a convertible, however, makes Abel wonder what life with the English might be like.

He strives to withstand temptation, but the memory of the woman he yearns to dominate, coupled with the explicit images in his cousin’s filthy magazine, threatens his restraint.
Red, his sinful obsession, haunts his shameful dreams and becomes a secret part of his life. When faced with truth beyond faith, Abel must decide where he belongs—with the Amish community, or the woman who owns his heart.

Much later and hoarse from singing for two hours, my curiosity overrode my better sense, and I followed Eli into the hayloft of their barn. While …

Charming Asshole (Killer of Kings, 3)

He's a killer. She's raising his son. He's coming back for both of them.

June's used to living life in survival mode. With no family support or husband, it's been up to her to raise her ten-year-old son on her own. It's not easy, especially when she has a living reminder of the only man she ever loved. But that asshole walked out on her without warning, leaving her brokenhearted and pregnant. When he reappears back into her life a decade later, she's no longer a naive young girl, and not ready to throw herself into his arms—no matter how tempting that might be.

Killian's biggest regret in life is falling in love on the job. It wasn't supposed to happen, and the only honorable thing he could do was walk away. Everything he'd told June was a lie, and she deserved better than a hitman for hire. When they cross paths years later, he's blindsided when he discovers he's a father. It's a challenge to earn June's love and trust after the l…

Killer of Kings is back!

Having a new release out with Sam Crescent makes Monday a whole lot brighter!

No mercy. No pity. No women.

Bain has always worked solo, refusing to allow anyone to lord over him. His life has been fucked up enough, and he’s learned trust comes with a price. When he finally accepts an invitation to work for Killer of Kings, he regrets the decision after his first contract. It was supposed to be simple, now there’s a curvy little temptation tied up in his basement.

Scarlett struggles to move up in a career where appearances are everything. When she lands a risky interview with a known crime boss, she hopes it will be her big break as a reporter. Instead, she’s caught up in the middle of an assassination and taken hostage by the hitman. She wants to hate the tattooed devil, but finds herself intrigued by his story. Is it the reporter in her wanting to know more…or the woman falling for a broken man?

#BBW #darkromance #darkerotic #hitman #badboy #contemporary #HEA

Amazon US: https://www.amazo…