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Planet Alpha has landed...

Announcing Evernight Publishing’s exclusive series…


The year is 2050. Earth is quickly becoming uninhabitable. The seven continents are shrinking as flooding devastates the land masses. Crime and disorder are rampant among the dwindling human population.

There are only two safe havens in the galaxy capable of supporting humanoid life. Xyran is a world of power-hungry demons and Planet Alpha is home to a fearless warrior race.

The males on Planet Alpha need mates. Infertility has plagued their race for decades. The answer lies on Earth where tempting females are waiting to be saved. When their enemies attempt to claim the spoils of a dying world, only the strongest will get their prize.

The first book in this sci-fi ménage series is here:


BONDMATE is now available on Evernight Publishing and most major online book retailers. 

BROKEN by Erin M. Leaf 
(Coming May 16)

PROPOSITION by Beth D. Carter 
(Coming Soon)

Look for more PLANET ALPHA books coming soon to Evernight!

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Evernight's Book Boyfriend Blog Hop

The Book Boyfriend Blog Hop is back and better than ever!

The authors of Evernight have a brand new team of swoon-worthy book boyfriend candidates. A sexy assortment of cowboys, Doms, detectives, millionaires, royalty, vampires, soldiers, and shifters are just a click away.

Get ready to find your next book boyfriend...

North McReed and his twin Colton have been through hell and back on their small farm. The only light in their lives is the girl next door. Unlike his brother, North has dark hair and smoldering brown eyes. His muscles are earned from working long hard hours under the sun, and when he loves, it's pure and unconditional. 

What’s up for grabs?
              One lucky hopper will win a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate sponsored by Evernight Publishing.
              Plus, each author is giving away their own unique prize! So visit each blog hop stop for a host of fabulous prizes to win.

How to enter? Answer this question in the comments below…

How do you feel about friends to lovers stories? 

I will be giving a signed print copy of COWBOYS MINE to one lucky commenter :)

Be sure to leave the answer and your email address to be eligible to win a prize. Each comment gives you an entry for the grand prize (one per blog hop stop).

Keep hopping to the next author or blogger. After you’ve met each hero click here to vote for your favorite book boyfriend. You’ll earn an extra grand prize entry!

You’re one step closer to meeting your next Book Boyfriend...

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Evernight's Love Scene Blog Hop

Welcome to Evernight's Love Scene Blog Hop!

One lucky commenter in the hop will win a night out on Evernight with a $100 Visa Gift Card!

I'm also giving away a $10.00 Evernight Gift Card to one commenter on my blog. I'd also love if you'd follow my blog if you aren't already. Thanks for hopping!

My latest release features Eva, Colton, and North. It's essentially a friends to lover romance with a strong emotional punch. I had a lot of fun writing it and really fell in love with my characters.

COWBOYS MINE is a USA Today Recommended Read, Editor's Pick, Amazon Bestseller, All Romance eBooks Bestseller, and Bookstrand Bestseller.

I hope you will check it out at one of the links below:

All Romance

For the Blog Hop, I've written an additional love scene between Eva, Colton, and North from Cowboys Mine (R RATED). Enjoy!

And don't forget to hop along to all the other blogs for more chances to win the grand prize.

**Unpublished bonus scene from the characters of Cowboys Mine**

Copyright© 2014 Stacey Espino

"There. What do you think?" asked Colton.  He stepped back to admire the picture he'd hung over the fireplace.
"I love it." Eva wrapped her arms around him from behind. "It's the perfect touch."
The picture featured the three of them sitting on a split rail fence. It was their family photo, the last addition to their new house. Now it was officially a home.
He turned around and cupped Eva's face in his palms. "Do you miss your place?" he asked. "Tell me the truth." Colton didn't want her sad. She'd only ever known her parents' house and the cozy pink-painted room on the second floor. Most of his own good memories were within the walls of the old Ford house, and he wanted Eva happy.
North and Colton had built their new home with their own hands. It was simplistic with only two rooms and a small kitchen. He hoped it was enough for now.
"This is where I want to be," she whispered. "It's all I ever wanted."
He kissed her hard on the mouth, drowning in everything Eva. God, he loved her, and never planned to let her go.
The screen door slapped shut shortly after. The sound of North kicking off his boots and spurs pulled Colton from the kiss.
"You couldn't wait for me?" North grumbled. He tossed his Stetson onto the small wooden table and began to unbutton his plaid overcoat. The spring air still had a sharp nip but soon they'd be able to start planting.
"Stop being such a grouch, North," said Eva. "You're the one who agreed to help my dad this morning."
"Because Colt was nowhere to be found."
"Hey, I busy installing the last bedroom window. It'll be our first night sleeping here, and I wanted everything ready." There little house was coming together. A fire crackled behind them, some of Eva's little figurines sitting on the mantle. Each stone and timber was added with their own blood, sweat, and tears.
His brother scowled and dropped down on the sofa. "Looks more like you were hogging Eva while I corralled the damn cattle all morning."
Eva sat beside North, leaning into him. "We're together now. That's all that matters."
North exhaled, his tension visibly easing. Eva's presence always seemed to make everything better. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulling her close. "I know how to make things even better."
"How?" asked Eva.
"There's something missing, something we haven't done yet."
Colton caught on immediately just from the gravely tone of North's voice. It was time to christen their new bedroom. And, in this case, he couldn't have agreed more with his twin. They'd been so busy the past few weeks with construction and plowing that they had little time for loving.
"What?" asked Eva, sitting straighter.
He chuckled, bending over so he could toss her over his shoulder. Colton smacked her ass and carried her to the bedroom. "You're too cute for your own good, Eva Ford."
After dropping her on the bed, he bent over the edge, his arms braced at either side of her head. The light from the window made her eyes blaze bluer than the midday sky. Colton wanted to strip her naked and kiss every inch of her body, starting with her lips and ending with her tight little pussy.
North sat on the mattress and stroked her hair. "I've been watching you run around in those tight jeans all week. All I could think about was fucking you."
"You should have said something," said Eva. "You were both so busy, and I didn't want to bug you, but..."
"But what?" asked Colton. He unbuttoned her Levis and then tugged them down her hips leaving her in just her white panties.
"I'm a woman," she said simply. "And women have needs."
North tugged her shirt up over her head. She wore no bra underneath, leaving her nearly nude on the old patchwork quilt. "Do they now? What needs would those be?"
"You know...needs. I miss the way you both touch me."
"Like this?" Colt slid his hand under the waistband of her panties, trailing his finger along the folds of her pussy. She was already wet and swollen, making his cock even harder. He couldn't wait to bury his face between her legs.
She sighed, her body seeming to melt into the mattress. "God, yes. Just like that." Eva tried to open her legs wider. He looked over at North with a raised brow. The girl was wanton and eager, her skin already flush with need.
"Do you need both of us to fuck you, baby girl?" He prayed the answer was yes because he felt ready to go all night long.
"You know I do, Colt."
He slid a single finger into her hot little pussy, making her gasp. "Tell us."
"I want both your cocks filling me to overflowing."
North growled, tossing his shirt before leaning over to pepper kisses along Eva's neck. "You'll get it good and hard, darlin'. We'll make sure you never forget this day."
Colton couldn't disagree with his brother. This was the first day of forever, a new beginning for all three of them. And it was time to start creating memories.

**Sorry to cut you short, but I didn't want to get too down and dirty for those of you who haven't read Eva's first experience with the McReed twins in Cowboys Mine.**

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Cowboy MFM Menage Release!

Eva Ford lives a sheltered life on her small rural farm. At twenty-two, she feels the need to spread her wings and start her own life, planning a trip to the city to show her prized cows. Colton and North McReed from the next ranch over are determined to make sure she stays out of trouble. 
Twin brothers, Colton and North, have always loved little Eva. She's their rock in life, the one pure thing in their otherwise dark existence. Their abusive father ran out on the family years ago and their mother suffers from a serious addiction. They never look at Eva with desire...until they spend a week alone with her in the city.
Everything changes when Eva and the cowboys realize just how deep their love for each other runs. Once their passion is unleashed, it's impossible to contain. But can their unorthodox relationship last? Will sex ruin the friendship of a lifetime?


“I’m cold,” she said. “Warm me up.” Eva slipped under his blanket, skin to skin. She wore nothing at all. His Herculean control was shot down the moment of physical contact.
She rested her cheek against his chest, and he could feel her little nipple pebbled against his side. “How do I make you feel?” she whispered.
“What do you mean?”
“Do I make you feel as good as those women in the bar?”
He huffed. “Much better.”
“We always talk about everything back home. Why not now? Why do things have to change?”
He took a cleansing breath. “What do you want to know?”
“Do I turn you on?”
She was playing with fire and didn’t even realize it. “Yes.”
“Tell me how it feels.” Eva ran her palm over the roundness of his shoulder, her fingers testing the strength of his biceps.
“You make my dick hard.”
She kissed his chest, her little tongue flicking out to taste him. Her hand slid lower and lower. North swallowed hard. When her hand rubbed over the top of his damp boxer briefs, her reached down and grabbed her wrist.
“Why can’t I touch you?” she asked.
“Because, you just can’t do that and not expect me to…react.”
“Tell me,” she said, her hand returning to his chest. “How do you want to react?”
“Eva, stop it.”
“Tell me,” she insisted. “You said I make you hard. Then what?”
He had to control his fucking breathing just to speak. Never had a woman had such a pull over him. North rolled over so he dominated, pinning her under him. “I want to fuck you, to fill your sweet little virgin pussy with my cock.”
“Oh God,” she whimpered, pulling him down to her lips. She kissed him, nipping and sucking in between gasping for air.
“North!” Colton’s loud baritone filled the trailer.
“Colton McReed stop being dumb and come to bed,” said Eva. She wouldn’t let North go, returning to their kiss. Her desire was like a living force, calling to him like a siren.
As Colt climbed up, he shoved North to his side, inadvertently tossing the blankets as well. Eva lay on the bed completely nude. Her body was perfect and youthful, her breasts soft, tempting swells, and her hips beautifully rounded.
“Please kiss me, Colt.” She reached up to him, beckoning him to lower over her body. “Please.”
Colton didn’t say a word. He lowered over her body, careful to hover out of contact. Eva grabbed him around the neck and pulled him down. His brother resisted at first but finally accepted Eva when she kissed him first.
“More,” she whined. “Touch me.”

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Pack Seduction, 4
Helen's part-time job as a tour guide brings her to a town unlike anything she has ever known. It's shrouded in secrets, legends, and things she can't explain. Despite her bad track record with the opposite sex, she quickly finds herself being pulled into an erotic web with three locals.
Wesley, Targus, and Marco are everything she's ever fantasized about. They're hard muscle, sex, and dominance—but they're also keeping something from her.
Wesley's position as a Royal Elite guard is number one in his life. Taking a mate is forbidden. Claiming a human female would be the ultimate sin. When an investigation leads him to the doorstep of two wolf shifters, his panther's control is put to the test. They both want the same little brunette making Wesley lose sleep.
With a dangerous suspect still on the loose and old traditions guiding their choices, are the three shifters willing to sacrifice everything for a forbidden mate?
Be Warned: menage sex (MFMM), anal sex, light BDSM

Wesley tried to justify his next actions. How bad could it be to satisfy himself in the arms of a human? His friends, including the Elite, did it all the time. It was just one night, not a prelude to mating. Even Ulric could see he was overdue to bed a woman. It just surprised him that his cock could become aroused by a human female, because it had never happened before.
He wanted Helen, and judging by the sharp scent of her arousal, she wanted him too.
“All I can think about right now is stripping you naked.” He waited for her to react, but she kept still and quiet. “Does that scare you?”
She shook her head. He wouldn’t have been able to notice if he wasn’t a shifter. His panther’s night vision was nearly as sharp in his human skin.
“I promise, if you knew all the things I’d like to do to you, you’d be very afraid.” He punctuated his words by kneading his fingers into her hair and locking her head in place. She gasped as he increased the tension. Wesley instinctively leaned close, tempted to breathe in her scent again. How could he feel these potent emotions for such a frail little thing? Maybe his panther had been wrong. Once he confirmed she was nothing special, he’d be able to walk away with no regrets.
But there it was again. The smell of her skin, her hair, her breath—it pulled him in like a potent aphrodisiac. He licked the pulse point near the base of her neck, tempted to sink his fangs into the soft flesh. He was fucking losing his mind, confusing sex with the mating call.
“Still not running?” He didn’t want to force himself on her like that lowlife coyote.  He needed to give her every chance to run off and not look back. Once this started, it wouldn’t stop. And he wouldn’t be sweet and gentle like a human male. He was painfully pent up and hyped up on whatever spell Helen managed to cast over him. In his last honorable act, he’d make sure he sent her racing from the forest before things went too far.
Wesley reached around her and grabbed the fleshy mound of her ass, pulling her flush to his body. She gasped and braced her forearms on his chest. He bunched up the material of her skirt in his fist until it was nearly at her waist. Then he slid his hand under the edge of her panties. “Have you ever been fucked here?” He pressed the tip of his finger against her asshole, certain she’d take off screaming.
She swallowed hard, clenching the tight little rosette. Her desire perfumed the air around them. The girl was completely gone, making his act of valor more and more difficult.
“Answer me,” he said, holding his finger in place.
“No what?”
“I’ve never done…that.”
What was he doing? Helen was playing a game she was never meant to play. He could hear the innocence in her voice, the caution in her words. Any other male would have succumbed by now. And if she was a shifter, Wesley had no doubt she’d be on all fours with his cock deeply embedded in her cunt.
“Turn around.” He gripped her shoulder and whirled her around until she faced away from him. Then he forced her down over the waist-high stump of a massive oak tree. He pinned her in place with a palm to her back while he roughly hiked her skirt all the way up and stomped down her panties with a foot.
Wesley stopped what he was doing for a moment and admired the woman beneath him. She had the perfect ass, round and tight with just the right amount of jiggle. He wanted to smack it to hear the sound it would make. In fact, he wanted to lick every inch of her delectable body, taking his time until she was begging him to fuck her.
“What are you doing?” she whispered.
“I’m going to give you what you want. Give you something new to experience.”
Her breathing picked up on cue. Any minute and she’d change her tune. 
He parted her legs with his thigh to give him enough room to access her pussy. She was sopping wet as expected, her folds swollen and ripe. He couldn’t help but run his fingers along her slit a few times, dreaming of how it would feel to sink his cock in deep. His panther wouldn’t last much longer. He needed to frighten her enough to send her running. 
He dragged the moisture from her pussy back to her ass and slowly impaled his thumb into her virgin hole. “Next will be cock. Can you handle that?”
She pulsed around his digit, clenching and unclenching. “Yes.”
What the fuck? She was acting like a she-wolf in heat. Wesley did everything he could to scare her off—and failed.
This time he made the choice for her. He walked away.

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