E-Publishing Ignorance

This is getting old fast. Are you with me on this?
I mean, we're in the twenty first century, right? Every kid seems to have a cell phone, Facebook, MySpace...you name it. My kids have cells, laptops and know more about the internet than I do sometimes. Very different from how I grew up. E-Readers are becoming huge. The itouch is an awesome e-reader (I only discovered this a few months ago). I use the Stanza App and love it!

All my friends are plugged in, but my family is another story, total ludites!
Yes, my novels will come out in print (usually about 5 months after their e-release), but not at brick and mortar stores. This seems difficult for them to comprehend.

My grandmother (even though I've explained it a thousand times) asked me yesterday when she can buy my books in her bookstore. I repeated that you can only buy them online through Amazon or my publisher's website if you want the print version. Being in Canada, we don't have B&N or Borders. It still didn't compute and she eventually gave up and complained that she'd never own a computer. Don't worry, I'll give her a copy, even though she'll stick the money in my purse when I turn around.

My mother buys most of her books off Amazon, but asked me if my novels would be advertised on the front pages of Amazon. When I told her 'no', she wondered how I could ever sell books without a bookstore or high priced Amazon advertising. She just couldn't understand that there is a whole online world out there that she is blind to, barely able to send an email.

So, my hopes are for the future generations.

E-books are cheaper and with all the cool e-readers and gadgets being introduced left and right, they're an easy alternative. I love my print book collection, but I'm totally on board with the e-book craze myself. Now I have a collection of e-books on my itouch that I haven't had the time to read. Story of my life.

Yesterday at a doctor's appointment, I didn't have to pick up a germ encrusted magazine, I just pulled out my little gadget and read one of my books.
Some e-pubs also have contracts with major bookstores like Chapters-Indigo, but it's not the norm. Even so, you'd be very lucky if your book was chosen for distribution. It would only be a few copies for a limited time, regardless.
Though advances are rare with e-pubs, royalities are much higher and your book can be bought anywhere there's internet access. Many e-pub writers make a very cushy living and I hope to be one of them soon enough ;) Another thing that I love about writing for a smaller pub is the communication and creative freedom. You can't put a price tag on those things.

It's a new world for publishing and most of us seem to realize this. It just doesn't help when you have to deal with ignorant people day in, day out. Maybe I'll print off some little information sheets and hand them out when I get asked the same questions by relatives and friends of relatives.

That being said...tomorrow's Friday, so it's all good!


GPS said…
I can relate. I have a brother and a few friends who still think Amazon is a jungle. They're missing out on a lot.