oooh, I got flowers!

My sweet hubby bought me flowers for no reason...which is always the best reason, in my opinion. They are so beautiful, I can't stop looking at them.

Today I finally finished editing my book, Saving Grace (working title), and sent it off to my publisher. It was my first attempt at a menage/sextreme rated book and I'm quite happy with it. As with all my books, it's my baby and I can't wait to see it published.

Tomorrow I think we'll go see Legion at the theatre. Black winged angels look cool, but the other creatures are kinda creepy looking. Hopefully it's entertaining.

I'm planning a birthday party for Julian this Saturday. He turned 9 yesterday. I have no enthusiasm for these type of things anymore. Burn out from raising all these kids, lol. But, I'll get the ice-cream cake, pizza, pinata and other goodies and hope they can entertain themselves for three hours. I hope, but who are we kidding here.

I have tomorrow off work, YAY!!! I'll either start working on my new paranormal romance series or continue with the third book in my Immortal Love series...not sure yet.


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