AW February Blog Chain: Writing About Love

Love...hmmmm. What can I say?
Most books I read have a love story in one form or another. It's not all I read, but I find something very satisfying about a romance.
As for writing, I don't think I could write a book without a romantic element. It's just my thing, I guess.
I do enjoy exploring different personalities and situations when writing about love. There is no right way to love. Everyone has come from a different place and has had different experiences in life. Some may have guards built around them from being hurt, while others are desperate to receive any form of affection.
To love is human.
Each book in my paranormal romance series revolves around the journey to love for a different set of characters. Fearless Desires is the first in the series and will be coming out very soon with Siren Publishing.
My newest contracted novel, Saving Grace, was new territory for me, being a menage. Grace comes from a loveless marriage, finds acceptance through her sexuality with several men, and finally learns to accept the true love of one good man.
Here's a blurb:

Grace is thrust deep into cattle country with dozens of sex starved cowboys. Her modest, timid nature soon fizzles away to make room for her raging lust. From one night stands to a ménage a cinq, she can’t refuse the muscled ranch hands that seem desperate to pleasure her.

"Saving Grace is not just a sexual adventure, but an emotional journey. I loved how Grace grew as a person and learned to accept the good things around her, including love. She never regrets her wild encounters with the sexy men of the Wagner ranch, because they helped her grow into the strong woman she was meant to be."

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Aimee Laine said…
I'm all about the love stories ... the relationships and the romance. I could even do without the troubles (sometimes). ;) Kudos to you on your books! Yeah!
FreshHell said…
I never set out to write a romance but my characters always seem to manage to fall in love anyway!
Ann Vevera said…
Hot and steamy writing! Cool.
First off felicitations on getting published.
Now on to the matter at hand. A well-written love story with romance and character growth sound like a good read to me.
All the best,
Stacey Espino said…
Thanks for visiting my blog :)
clairegillian said…
Funny how love always works its way in there but I gotta say a menage a cinq is some BRAVE kind of lovin' LOL
Danica Avet said…
Stacey, this definitely sounds like an interesting story!

I read mostly romance because I like knowing there will be a happy ending. Life sucks enough without having to drown myself in misery when I pick up a book. I don't mind a little anguish (or a lot) during a romance because I know that eventually everything will work out in the end. :)
Stacey Espino said…
Claire: Yes, it took a lot of bravery, but I think everything came together nicely. lol

Danica: Thanks! I'm with you on the HEA. Every time I read a romance, I convince myself this will be the unusual case that doesn't have a HEA and I get all freaky, lol. Gotta love romance!
Zahir Blue said…
Wow. That sounds tres lurid--and I mean that in a good way!
Harriet said…
Congratulations on the contract! Romance keeps us all reading, I think.
littlebear said…
Is it me or does everyone uses workpress or blogspot?