Love Lessons with the Texas Billionaire by Jan Bowles REVIEW

Love Lessons with the Texas Billionaire Love Lessons with the Texas Billionaire by Jan Bowles

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Eva and Jack are from two different worlds, but aren't very different at all. When Eva is assigned to spend a month at Jack's billion dollar estate to write an article, she plans to keep her distance. The known Texan playboy could easily break her heart and she doesn't want to be just another number to him. It isn't too easy to stay emotionally detached with Jack being so sexy and charming.
I enjoyed the love affair, Jack's behaviour and the dialogue between the main characters. This was a sweet and sexy romance with a beautiful HEA.

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Jan Bowles said…

WOW! This just came up on my Google alert.

Thank you so much for a wonderful review.

If you haven't yet considered it, I think you should write for some of the review sites. I know they'll all looking for good reviewers. With concise styles such as your own.

Jan ;-) xx
Stacey Espino said…
Aww, thanks Jan! Glad you liked the review.