Writing: Reality Vs. Fantasy

Do you only write what you know? It seems this question comes up quite often, especially from non-writers.
It is difficult being an erotica author, even in this day and age. People assume you write from your own experiences. This is not a fact. Trust me!
Writing requires a lot of imagination, creativity and stepping out of your comfort zone to explore different characters and situations. Writing about things that are new or uncomfortable to me is a challenge. I love a challenge and as a writer I need to continually test my abilities.
No, I haven't had a menage anymore than I know the inner turmoil of a demon.
I often write from a male POV, that doesn't make me a man. I can write about painful topics,even though I haven't experienced them personally.
Originally, I wrote erotic romance because the truth is...sex sells. But, I don't comprimise my stories or character development.
I write fiction. Exploring humanity and creating fantasies for readers is a great joy for me. But, no, my stories don't reflect me personally.