AW March Blog Chain- Growing Up

Growing up, getting older...
I'm thirty-three now...I think. It's interesting how age is relative. When I was in grade school, I idolized the kids in highschool. They were bigger than life, cooler, and appeared to have everything going for them.
Once in highschool myself, deciding on what subject to take in university, I always tried to imagine what I'd feel like when I graduated at twenty-two. The twenties seemed like a distance, mysterious realm and I imagined I'd never be the same at that point. All my current dreams and hopes would no doubt be different.
Well, once in my twenties, I had the same dreams and realized I was the same person on the inside, even though I'd grown older.
I think the same is true no matter how old you are.
My grandmother is in her seventies and tells me all the time that, "You're only as old as you feel," and "You never change on the inside."
I tend to agree.
We may grow older in years, and it may show on our faces or in the aches and pains we feel in the morning, but we are always the same person on the inside. People learn, mature, become wiser in the ways of life, but you can't change the essence, the soul of a person.

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Zahir Blue said…
For me, it is looking at this middle-aged man with gray hair and wondering exactly when did I even stop being a little boy? Or whether I did...
Aimee Laine said…
"...but you can't change the essence, the soul of a person"
I agree completely! Here's to your 30s as 20s and 40s as 20s and 50s as 20s! :)
Degirl said…
Great post, Stacey. I love your writing style.
Brava! I completely agree.
FreshHell said…
I generally feel I'm the same person I've always been, regardless of my actual age. I just wished I still saw that younger person when I looked in the mirror.
Simran S. said…
How true! Great post Stacey!