E-Books (Great Space Saver for Book Lovers)

The little area beside my bed is overrun by books...and I love it! They are my babies and you can see some of them in the random pics below. Eventually I'll run out of room or my hubby will kill me.

My enlightenment came with the discovery of e-books. Who knew the itouch could also act as an awesome e-reader with the right (free) app. There are many cool e-readers on the market for a reason...e-books are becoming huge!

They're the wave of the future and everyone seems to be getting on board. I have dozens upon dozens of e-books on my itouch and they go with me everywhere. I never have to worry about being bored when I'm out and I don't need to touch germ ridden magazines in waiting rooms. Gross!
I've been able to discover new authors that only e-publish and I'm thankful for it. Check out my scrolling library at the bottom of this blog for some super cool e-pubbed authors and their books!

I'll never give up my print books. In fact, if an e-book I truly loved comes out in print, I snatch it up to add to my collection. Call it an obsession, but I'm working on it. I'm becoming equally interested in my growing electronic library. Many erotic and risque titles are only available as e-books. Novella's and quick reads don't usually get to print unless they're part of an anthology, etc. So, having the e-reader allows me to enjoy the full scope of reading material available.
Not to mention, e-books are cheaper than their paperback cousins. I was shocked that most of the hardcovers in the bookstore were hovering around the thirty dollar mark, twenty if I was lucky.

Save space in your home. An e-reader can store an unbelievable amount of books and information and there are so many to choose from these days.
Save space in your purse/bag. If you're going on vacation or even away for the weekend, etc. it's a lot easier to carry a little gadget with you than a bunch of weighty paperbacks or hardcovers.
Think green! I have to remember this one! Paperless is the new trend to help the earth.


june said…
I know it's catching on & will be buying my daughter a nook or kindle soon but I'll always be a die hard "paper book" person. After 100 edits - I still have to print up my books for a final once over. I'm old fashioned that way - be it good or bad. :)
Stacey Espino said…
I'm with you on being a die hard paper book fan! I love the smell of a new book and having something tangible in my hands.
The e-readers are a lot cooler than I expected. You even have to turn the pages with your finger and I forget it's not a 'real' book sometimes. For now, I'll settle for a happy medium and enjoy the best of both worlds ;)
At least I won't be left behind as technology continues to advance.
Rita Sawyer said…
I'm one of those people who enjoys having ebooks and paperbacks. And yes I guilty of buying the paperback version of stories I really like. Being an avid reader makes it easier for my amily to buy my Christmas and Birthday presents. I usually get ebooks from my daughter and print from my husband and the boys. Guees they can't complain about my habit if they provide them right? LOL
Stacey Espino said…
Oh yeah! The best gifts for me are Chapters gift cards (Canada) and now...Strandbucks, lol!!
It's wonderful having so many author friends, but hard to keep up with all the releases :)
Jan Bowles said…
Hi Stacey

I've recently got used to reading ebooks on a laptop.

It's even easier than reading a paperback. I lay back and just click a button to turn the page. LOL.

Me thinks the lazy way to read is the only way to go.

Jan XX
My house looks like yours, books cover every surface. While they are my most precious possessions, aside from my kids and my pets (and hubby too!) I think I will be reaching a saturation point and going to an ebook reader. I got my husband a Kindle for Christmas and he loves it. I'm imagining how much time my kids will have to spend boxing up books at some far off future date!
elaine cantrell said…
Speaking as an educator, I think that ebooks are the wave of the future. My students will read something on the computer that they won't even look at in a print book. I agreed to publish one of my favorite novels in ebook form for that reason and because at Christmas time our local TV station was advertising ebook readers for sale. I wish my son would stop buying print and go for ebooks. My house is overrun with his books. Okay, mine too.
booklover0226 said…
Though I have a Sony Reader, I still love to buy paperback books. There is something about holding a book that thrills me!

Tracey D
Of course as an ebook author I'm prejudice, but I love ebooks and would much rather read off of my monitor than by a printed book. My monitor light doesn't keep my wife up either