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It was so hot they had to change the rating to SCORCHING!!!

Fearless Desires
Immortal Love (Book #1)
By Stacey Espino
Categories: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Paranormal
Word Count: 87,775

Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance]

Delius never asked for his fate, but in a world that placed all its faith in
prophecy, he would be a fool to challenge it. He felt like a parasite, forced to
live off the fear of humans.
From the first time Delius became trapped in Selina's mind and seduced by her
provocative thoughts, he was drawn to her. She was a mystery that turned into an
obsession. Yet, for them to have a life together, Delius would have to go
against his own race that demanded he fulfill his destiny. One that did not
include Selina.

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His open collar revealed a smooth, tan, muscled chest. That black patterned
tattoo climbing up his neck shouted danger and sex appeal. She tried to forget
that it meant he was promised to another. It wasn't as hard as it should be when
he looked so fine.
"You look stunning," said Delius, taking Selina's elbow and opening the door for
"Thank you."
She sank into the leather seat and glanced around at all the gadgets on the
dashboard. The car smelled showroom new. A moment later, Delius climbed in
beside her. His scent rushed at her, so masculine and tempting.
"Our first date, girlfriend. You want to pay up now or later?" He smiled with
that adorable boyish grin that got her heart pumping wildly. Yes, she wanted
those lips on hers, but she would play cool to the end, even if it killed her.
It certainly did feel like she would die if she kept holding back.
"You know, people don't actually call each other girlfriend or boyfriend. It's
just a term."
"So what do you want me to call you? My mate?"
"Definitely not." But damned if it didn't sound hot. "Besides, we're not
"It's the word my people use. There's nothing wrong with it." Delius put the car
into drive and pulled out of the parking lot. The car drove like a dream, smooth
and powerful. She compared it to Delius, which only served to make her hotter.
By this point, there was a separate pulse between her legs, strong and
demanding, making her squirm in her seat. Her body screamed at her to throw
herself at him, but she wasn't a slut. She had self-control. Didn't she?
"What's wrong with just calling me Selina? That's my name."
"Okay. Are you hungry, Selina?" His voice rang deep and seductive without an
ounce of effort. Even hearing him say her name reminded her of erotic poetry.
She wanted to ask him to repeat her name over and over and over.

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Delicious excerpt! I'm loving the book!
Stacey Espino said…
Great! Thanks, Julia :)