Immortal Love Book #2 COMING SOON!!!

I have just been informed by my publisher that the second book in my pararomance series, FEARLESS LOVE, will be coming out late this summer!

The first book, FEARLESS DESIRES, now available, is Delius's story. The next book focuses on Javen, the most ruthless of the Highland brothers. I loved writing that book!

Each book is a stand alone title, but best read in order. Get your copy of Fearless Desires now, before book #2 comes out! They're both page-turners with hawt demons ready to do anything for love :)


Danica Avet said…
Woot-woot! I'm so happy for you! Keep 'em coming, girl!
Yay! Fantastic news! You must be writing up a storm, girl!
Jan Bowles said…
I'm certainly looking forward to Javen's story.

Can't wait

Jan xx