New Excerpt: FEARLESS DESIRES (18+)

Fearless Desires (Immortal Love, #1) in now available for purchase HERE at Siren-Bookstrand. The second edition to the series, FEARLESS LOVE, comes out later this summer.

Here's a little sneak into Fearless Desires.

Word Count: 87,775
Price: $5.99

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Adult Excerpt (more excerpts online)

The darkness had him trapped, like a conscious man buried alive in a coffin. He was disoriented and claustrophobic. Delius spun around, his sense of sight and hearing of no use. When all seemed hopeless, a flicker of light caught his attention.
A larger than life projection of moist, swollen lips only lasted seconds before disappearing. As the picture emerged, a feminine moan accompanied it and faded along with the image. The sound reeked of desire and pleasure. What surprised him more than his surroundings was the fact that his cock swelled and delicious heat warmed his blood. Another flash came from an opposing direction and eyes green as emeralds captured his attention. The same moaning started and stopped with the image. He was bombarded with erotic clips of body parts, no doubt Selina’s, as he spun around to view them.
He continued to become aroused despite his imprisonment. No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to break free. Then a flash of his own face, accompanied by a voice. “Delius.” It was a sweet, seductive whisper that echoed through his mind. More images of him flashed—his lips, his eyes, and the tattoo on his neck. “Delius.” The single word was a request, a need, erotic and full of unfulfilled yearning. He had the sensation of floating, of being carried away by lust and the most primitive of urges. Being trapped suddenly didn’t concern him.
Delius was forced down to his back. A hand gripped his erection, but when he reached down, he found no physical hand. He attempted to pull away, but when he did, the hand began to stroke his shaft. Any thoughts of retreating vanished and he closed his eyes, absorbing the pleasure. The hand continued to pump his cock in smooth, firm movements, over and over. The resulting pleasure was nothing he had ever experienced in reality.
“I want you, Delius,” said Selina’s voice.
The hands he believed to be hers began to explore the rest of his body. An erotic massage that made him forget his imprisonment entirely.
“Touch me, Delius. I want to feel you inside me, fucking me until I forget everything.”
Holy shit. He felt around, needing to touch Selina’s body, but found nothing but air and darkness. His body begged for release. It was all that mattered to him. He couldn’t even remember why he had entered her mind and didn’t care.
“Delius,” she moaned.
Her mind lulled him deeper into beautiful oblivion, and just before he lost himself completely, he knew he had to regain control.
He forced his eyes open with every bit of will he could spare under the onslaught of emotion. Then he pulled away from her and fell back onto his hands, breaking the connection. She still slept, her breathing regular and her lips parted as they were moments ago. It was all in her mind. She had not actually spoken to him. They hadn’t just flown past second base.
How could this be?
Javen was right. There was something wrong with this human. Very wrong. Delius felt out of control. Her mind was so unique, and it had somehow managed to lull him into an erotic trap.
He stood, still shaky in the knees, and observed the sleeping human in front of him. Her skin was so pale in contrast to her dark hair and lashes. A sleeping beauty, he thought. Shit, this wasn’t good. Not good at all. His primal urge to claim the human as his own crept into his blood. He had to get the hell away from her. Fast.