April AW Blogroll: Meeting Your Characters.

This month on the AbsoluteWrite Blogroll we're blogging about what it would be like to meet our fictional characters.

The picture to the left is perfect for my main character from Fearless Desires, Delius.

He was born a Fear Demon, but unlike his brothers, he despises what he is. Being a literal nightmare to the humans he lives amongst fills him with guilt and self hatred.

I made every brother in my Immortal Love series unique. They each deal with their heritage in different way. I really enjoy getting into a male POV. In the second edition, Fearless Love, coming this summer, Javen is quite the opposite to Delius. He embraces who he is to an extreme.

Now, as for meeting my characters... I write erotic romance so it isn't very appropriate. *clears throat and loosens collar* Not only am I married, but all my fictional men find their happily ever after and I'd just feel like a home wrecker if I was put alone in a room with Delius or one of his brothers. So...

I'm going to meet the heroine from my upcoming release, Saving Grace. The entire story is from her point-of-view, which is something I never do. This was her story, her journey, so it had to be that way.

Grace's husband passed her off in a wife swap. She's thrust deep into cattle country to survive amongst dozens of sexy cowboys as the contracted wife of the wealthy, Mr. Wagner.

Her emotional and sexual awakening slowly unfold until she knows exactly who she is and what she wants by the end of the book.

I'd love to be Grace's friend. She's loyal, modest and really needs a shoulder to cry on after what she's been through in her life. In fact, I'd love a great big get together with all my female leads. We'd have a blast! Since a little piece of me is in each charcter, we should all get along beautifully. I hope to expand on our party, but for now there will be me, Selina and Venus from Fearless Desires, Grace from Saving Grace, Emma and Jade from Fearless Love and Emily from Damaged Cowboys. Woo-hoo! Girls night out!

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GPS said…
Great post! It's all about character. I'll definitely check out the blog chain.
Zahir Blue said…
Fun to read about your characters and who (and who NOT) you'd like to meet. A nice light touch. Brava!
Degirl said…
"Survive around dozens of sexy cowboys." I'm single, so boy I wish I was Grace. What a good time I will have...not going into any extravagant detail.But, wow, your characters seem so sexy, daring and vivacious.
Anonymous said…
I wanna meet the guy pictured in your header...rrroooowwwrrr. And I'm married too but all these men are fictional so what the hey!

Your series sounds intriguing.
It sounds like the wife swap turns into a good thing for her.
Ann Vevera said…
I too want to be Grace! Mr Wagner seems interesting. What is it like to be a contracted wife?
Stacey Espino said…
Yes, it's good to be Grace. The wife swap couldn't have turned out better. She lost an asshole husband, had A LOT of fun *wink wink*, then met a good man to spend her life with. Can't get better than that!
Oh yeah, Mr. Wagner is a sweetheart!
Aimee Laine said…
Love the idea of a 'girls night out' with my characters too. :) Wouldn't that be just so fun! I think I'd take your guys though too ... and I'm happily married. :) :)
Razib Ahmed said…
May be because of cultural differences, I could not enjoy your entry that much but surely you have a skill of making your writing funny and interesting.