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Blurb for His Eyes:
When Mike Malone met Melanie Hughes he asked her exactly what he thought he needed to know before he began courting her. There was one question, however, he hadn't considered. One that would have had him quickly rethinking pursuing the dark haired woman who seemed to appear out of nowhere and found a place in his heart.

When Melanie Hughes looked into Mike Malone's eyes, she was sure she saw someone else in those emerald green orbs, someone she loved and lost so very long ago.

Can two souls born in different lifetimes find their way together in yet another?

Let's Get to know Regan Taylor:
1) Why write romance?

I love reading romance. I've always loved reading it. I fall in love with almost every hero I read. When I write romance I fall in love with not just almost every one, I fall in love with all of them. I love the possibilities of falling in love and finding a happily ever after. You can have the ending you really wanted.

2) What is your favorite sub-genre of romance?

Hmm, time travels and westerns.

3) What do you think makes a great hero?

I just finished reading a REALLY great hero -- Kaki Warner's Brady Wilkins. He's the eldest of three surviving brothers and incredbily good looking, but he doesn't see it. He carries the weight of his family, taking responsibility for everything that goes on. For all his bluff and bluster he is a very vulnerable man.

Then again, Kathryn Kennedy also creates an amazing hero with Byron in My Unfair Lady. He's not your typical big, brawny, alpha male. He's built, just smaller in size and not quite so alpha. A refreshing change from what seems to have become the norm in romance -- big, alpha males.

I just finished writing one I liked a lot - Chris Turner who's a forty-something, who's been married 25 years and is more in love with his wife today than he was the day he married her. Yes, he's built, but he's got a solid inner strength.

A great hero is steady, solid, smart, funny and has a vulnerablity to him that he sometimes lets show.

4) What is your take on sex in romance novels? Do you tend to stay on the sweeter side of things?

I'm definitely on the sweeter side of things! A lot of the sex in my books takes place behind a closed door. The couple gets there, they start and then I try to engage the reader's imagination, to create just enough atmosphere that they can see themselves in the hero or heroine's place. Once they've engaged their imagination they can take it where they want to go or feel the most comfortable. I enjoy a solid love scene, but gratuitous sex or sex for the sake of sex loses me.

5) Regan, you have many books already available. Wow! What are you working on now and what can we expect from you next?

I just finished writing the Two of Cups for eXtasy and am in the middle of edits for The Glass Cage, book 2 of my McKenna Crime series. In between I've been working on With All Dispatch, book 2 of my Return to the Roundtable series.

Thank you so much for being a Guest Blogger. I'm excited for all your upcoming releases!

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Beth D. Carter said…
Hi Regan! Loved "The Spell" and wow-great cover! "His Eyes" sounds great, can't wait to check it out. I love the whole soulmates theory! Thanks so much for blogging!
Jan Bowles said…
Hi Regan

I really love the cover for 'His Eyes'.

Are you a big John Travolta fan? Because your hero looks very much like him to me.

Or maybe he was based on somebody else?

best wishes

Anonymous said…
Great Interview, Regan! I love your idea for Soulmates; its my favorite of all the plots for the Romance genre.
Wishing you great sales!

hugs, Kari Thomas, Paranormal Romance,