Guest Blogger: Author JAN BOWLES

Welcome to author, Jan Bowles!

Her newest release, Dark Secrets, is on sale now at Siren-Bookstrand Publishing.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING

Thirty-two year old English Architect Sam Marshall had vowed never to return to Oxley in Oxfordshire. When he meets Megan Lawrence, a twenty-five year old ethereal beauty for the first time in ten years, old wounds are re-opened.

Their troubled past has remained unspoken all this time. Neither of them wants to broach the subject, yet they both know the deep attraction between them will not go away.

Are they really willing to lay their emotions bare in order to move on. Can they finally put the past behind them once and for all? Will Sam eventually find it in his heart to forgive Megan? And will Megan ever learn to forgive herself?

Let's get to know Jan and 'Dark Secrets'...

1) Welcome Jan! Where did you get the idea for, Dark Secrets?

I first got the idea for ‘DARK SECRETS’ from a woman I actually know. She had the same trauma in her life as Megan. When you’ve read the book, you will understand why Megan although emotionally flawed, is such a very brave woman.

2) This is your first release with the erotic imprint of Siren-Bookstrand. How does it feel to move over to the dark side?

It feels great, Stacey. The erotic side always seemed to be having more fun than the mainstream side. So I couldn’t wait to join them. Plus they have hopefully better sales.

3) Tell us a bit about the hero and heroine in, Dark Secrets.

The hero is called Sam Marshall. He is a thirty-two year old English architect who meets the heroine Megan Lawrence for the first time in 10 years.

Megan has hurt Sam very deeply in the past. The feelings he now has for her run from desire through to hate. Somehow he must find it in his heart to forgive her.

Megan Lawrence is twenty-five and an emotionally flawed character. She needs the help of Sam Marshall in order to come to terms with her own 'Dark Secrets'.

If Sam doesn't help her, how can she ever move on?

4) Do you believe it's possible to develop a true, loving romance between characters within the framework of an erotic novel?

I think that it is more difficult to develop a loving romance in an erotic book. But it is by no means impossible. First you have to create an attraction between the two protagonists, and if some of the scenes are really graphic, then role-play can remove them from reality. Thus leaving the loving connection between them intact.

‘DARK SECRETS’ is an extremely erotic tale, with very graphic and explicit sex scenes. But there is still a very strong emotional bond between Sam and Megan.

By the end of the book the readers are left in no doubt that Sam loves Megan, and would willingly give his life for her, and that Megan loves Sam and would do the same for him.

I feel that it is possible to develop a true loving romance in an erotic book, but only when you have a one man, one woman scenario.

I would find it almost impossible to create a loving atmosphere if the heroine has graphic sex with more than one man, as in the case of ménage/multiple partners. Therefore I have no plans to write these. They are certainly erotic and sexy, but I cannot link them with any meaningful love element.

5) What are you working on right now and what can we expect from you next?

My WIP has been a bit hit and miss lately. I was working on a Romantic Mystery Suspense, but I feel my true vocation lies with the emotional side of a person’s character.

I really like to go deep and find out all the things that make a hero or heroine tick. ‘DARK SECRETS’ is the deepest I’ve been so far, but the story I’m working on now has drifted into the emotional scars left by lost loves on both sides.

I’m hoping to have it finished by the end of April, so fingers crossed.

Thank you for joining my blog today, Jan! I know I'm dying to read, Dark Secrets and have already bought my copy. Your story sounds truly intense...and hot!

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I love the title and the look of your blog, Stacey!

Super article - many congrats on your release, Jan! I think DARK SECRETS will be a real star!
Danica Avet said…
Jan, great information especially since I'm just now venturing into the erotic waters myself (with a menage, lol). Good luck with your release!
Jan Bowles said…
Thanks for stopping by Lindsay.

This is my first foray into erotica.

I must say I enjoyed writing 'DARK SECRETS'.

Best wishes

Jan Bowles said…
Hi Danica

Thanks for your well wishes.

Menage is where the money is. The books simply fly off the virtual shelves.

Best wishes for the future

susan said…
Love the cover and sound of your book. susan L
Jan Bowles said…
Thanks Susan

You can read the first Chapter free here

Best wishes