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Welcome Author Eliza March!

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Blurb from Sultry Santorini Sunsets:

[Menage Amour: Erotic Menage a Quatre Fantasy Romance, M/F/M/M, sex toys]

Three thousand years ago, six warriors of Atlantis pledged themselves to the Goddess of Sensuality, exchanging emotions for heightened senses and immortality in order to protect what remained of their lost world. Three went in search of their lost emotions and became unredeemable. The others maintained their honor with help from their leader, and they all became the Gods of Atlantis.

Mira fulfilled her responsibilities, denying herself pleasure for years, but she's escaped. On Santorini, she takes three men as lovers who help her make-up for lost time. When emotions start infiltrating the men's souls in her presence, they discover she's the one woman capable of returning their emotions. Now they must convince her to share their love and lives for all eternity. Will she believe their fantastic tale and trust in their love
enough to make the final commitment? Will she accept immortality, their bond, and their love?

Let's get to know, Eliza!

Hi, Stacey and everyone!

I’m so glad to be able to answer some questions for you today. First let me tell you a little about myself. I belong to TARA, the Tampa Bay area of RWA, a fantastic group of bestselling as well as aspiring authors who share their knowledge and experiences with newer writers. I’ve been seriously writing fiction since 2002 and romance since 2006. After researching the market, I discovered there were rules within the writing game, so I made a study of the business.

When my work took on a spicy twist, I went looking for a publisher who would contract my erotic romance and found several. The Wild Rose Press contracted my second book, Hot Highland Fling and shortly after that I got the ‘call’ from Siren that they wanted to contract my first story, Witch of Air and Fire. So within three months I had two releases with two different publishers. Things are still looking up. Since last May, I’ve had four books released, a combo print published, and the next book contracted. It’s been a busy year.

1.) I see you have several ménage romances available. In fiction, do you believe it's possible to portray a convincing happily ever after within a ménage?

I think I do in my ménages for several reasons: the partners have the same driving goals, everyone establishes his/her own position and/or level of importance to the relationship, and most importantly, the partners truly care for one another before they indulge in the sexual experience, and then they learn to love each other on several levels.

2.) Do you think in-depth characters and emotionally driven plots are just as important in erotic romance as mainstream romance?

Absolutely, even more so. To me erotic romance includes three parallel goals woven together, the romance (emotion), the sex (eroticism), and the plot (suspense, fantasy, paranormal, etc action). And I don’t finish reading books if I don’t identify with the characters.

3.) I checked out your books, Eliza. Highlanders, Gods of Atlantis and an array of sexy alpha men. Whew! What do you think makes a hero truly desirable to women?

A sense of humor, the ability to laugh at himself, a lusty appetite in all things, the ability to bend but never break, and a soft heart for cats.

4.) Do you read as much as you write?

I read more than I write, much more. If writing is a job, reading is like continuing education. If I’m in the car, I have on an audio book. If I’m cooking, I have my iPhone next to me, and I’m reading. You get the picture.

     What type of books do you enjoy reading?

Without question - Romance. And not necessarily just hot romance. But I do love paranormal, suspense, urban fantasy, and adventure. Kenyon, Hamilton, Moning, and everything ‘Nora’. But might just as well catch me with Harry Potter.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

My first western contemporary, Anyway West, has been contracted by Siren Publishing and we expect a late summer early fall release. It’s been a while since I’ve done a cowboy...story.

I’m presently writing the Enchanted Mountain sequel to The Lion, The Leopard, and The Wolf. The working title is The Moon, The Madness, and The Magic. I keep threatening to shorten my titles, and I swear I try, but...as you can see, they’re still way long!

I have a full length contemporary suspense which is a departure from my usual novellas. I’m spicing it up right now, and it should be ready to submit soon.

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Wow!  A VERY busy year with much more in store for us.  Thanks for blogging with me, Eliza!

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Hales said…
Great interview! It's amazing once you muddle through the rules of publishing. :) I wish you success in your years to come!
flchen1 said…
Oh my! Great to learn about your writing and all you've got in the works--lots to look forward to! Thanks much!
Eliza March said…
Hales, I'm still knee deep in the publishing muddle. LOL It's like quick sand and changing daily. We're in the middle of an excitong time for fiction with so many book formats available. I'm so in love with my iPhone. No matter what mood I'm in I've got a book clipped to my hip. Gotta' luv technology. :D Eliza
Eliza March said…
flchen1 Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Drop by my blong & leave me a comment, there's one day left to get entered in my contest. I'm giving away one of my naughty ebooks. ;-) Eliza
Anonymous said…
Eliza, I hope youre happy. You are the reason my TBB pile just grew again! LOL! Ive got everyone of your books on my list now. Love those covers and titles too!

Wishing you great success!
Hugs, Kari Thomas www.authorkari.com
Lorelei Confer said…
I've read all your books and love them all. Can't wait for Anyway West to come out later this year. WOuld love to read a full size novel from you as well. I love your voice.
Eliza March said…
Kari, thanks for putting my books on your TBB list. So you're okay with my book-length titles? LOL
Yes, I agree the book covers are fantastic, thanks to Jinger Heaston.
Eliza March said…
Lorelei...you wouldn't say that if you heard me sing! But thanks! It's nice to know I'm developing a writing voice. I'll make sure to let everyone know when I have that full length book contracted. I'm doing the final once over now. :D
Kristabel Reed said…
Eliza, I really enjoyed this interview. I especially enjoyed your answer to question #1. I agree, since this is erotic romance, there has to be emotion between all pairs, otherwise it's not romance.

Thanks for these insights, I'm still new to the whole writing process and you offered some good information.
Eliza March said…
Kristabel, I think the balance between the plot, romance, and erotica is the trickiest part of writing a menage. My menages are usually two or more men and one woman (what a fantasy) and when we get to that final HEA, they all have to be satisfied with the outcome despite where they all started in the relationship. Alpha males adjusting to a menage or more is the trickiest, I think.
Stacey said…
Isn't that the truth, Eliza!
It's hard work teaching those hot alpha men that it's okay to share. They don't have to own their women...a party of three or more can be a lot of fun :)
Eliza March said…
Yup, Stacey. Three can be a lot more fun.:D

Thanks for having me. I've enjoyed meeting everyone.