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Blurb from Kata Sutra:

[PolyAmour: Erotic Contemporary PolyAmour Romance, M/F/M with M/M Play, Multiple Partners Sharing, Interracial, Light BDSM]

When dojo owner Evan Dakota gives sexy reporter Desiree Shores permission to train under him for an article on karate, it's all they can do to keep their minds off each other and on martial arts. Even more, Evan's hot assistant, Makoto Chinen, is all too eager to help dress Desiree for class and push himself between her thighs during warm ups.

Desiree is undone by the erotic charms of her gorgeous blond instructor and his impossibly sexy Japanese assistant. And when she walks in on the pair sparring after class for the right to woo her, her wildest fantasies are exceeded as she seduces them together right on the training mat.

Yet the power of their triple passion is threatened by secrets they each carry... secrets their love, the dojo, and even they themselves may not be able to survive.

Let's get to know, J. Rose Allister!

1.) Do you ever get writer's block and how do you deal with it?

I don't really get blocked per se, but sometimes part of a story or a character will remain a mystery to me for a while. I'll generally skip it and come back, or view it as reason to stop and go "hmmm." In KATA SUTRA for instance, I could not get a clear handle on the one male lead, Makoto. I didn't know where he went when he left the dojo, what he did for a living, nothing. Then I realized, it was a mystery because he was trying to hide something. I had my other characters go after that secret and it opened up a very intriguing part of my plot.

2.) Kata Sutra is a menage a trois. Why are two men better than one? Why do you think women are fascinated by menage romance books?

Menage is an awesome concept to write because I get to explore the sexual chemistry and relationship buildup of not one, but three relationships. It's double the pleasure, fun, AND trouble rolled into one. What could be more fun for a romance writer than that?

I think women are fascinated by stories dealing with menage romance because it provides an interesting peek into a dynamic that perhaps many have not experienced. Maybe they wouldn't even consider such a thing in their own love life, but fiction is a place to explore ideas and situations of all kinds. It's a place where we can let our hair down and be wild with the characters regardless of whether their antics are something we plan to pursue in reality.

3.) I'm a regular visitor of your Feast Your Eyes Friday Blog. How do you select your pics? Describe your perfect hero for us.

Thanks for mentioning the blog! I do loves me some Feast Your Eyes Friday. For those who don't know, I post a hot alpha hunk pic every Friday. I browse for pics and choose those that move me, often based on what I'm working on or works that I've finished. I often use photos that remind me of characters I've written, am currently writing, or photos that relay a general concept I am using in my fiction.

My perfect hero is flawed, strong, probably stubborn, usually funny, with a weakness for his female (or male!) love interest. And yes, big time hotness and a six-pack (not the aluminum can variety!) is a big bonus.

4.) What sub-genres of romance do you write and prefer?

I write a lot of paranormal. Things outside our contemporary frame of reference tend to fascinate me, so I like to explore those realms.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

I've got a paranormal romance coming out this Fall with Siren publishing titled BEWITCHING LOVE. A lonely witch's love spell both succeeds and backfires beyond her wildest dreams, causing romantic havoc as well as stirring danger for herself and the man caught up in her enchantment. I just submitted a highly erotic bondage/werewolf version of Cinderella and am currently working on two westerns, one contemporary and the other historic.

Thanks for having me!

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Thanks for Guest Blogging with me today.  I'm very, very excited for your upcoming books!  Bewitching Love sounds right up my alley and I really enjoy reading some hot bdsm, so I'll be watching for your releases.

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Liz Fichera said…
I share your preference for male heroes. Perfect heroes are too boring. There must be a flaw or three! :-)
J.Rose Allister said…
Definitely! I think we've come a long way from the days of Disney's Prince Charming. Don't get me wrong, I want a good guy, but I like to see GUYS. If they're too perfect, they tend to be boring.

Many thanks again to Stacey for having me here today.
Kristabel Reed said…
This is a great interview, thanks! I especially liked your comment: It's double the pleasure, fun, AND trouble rolled into one.

I love reading about menages, there's something about them that blows the traditional romance to bits and adds a flavor to it that makes you really think about the dynamics. And feel. :)