Welcome Guest Blogger: Author Kestra Gravier!

Welcome, Author Kestra Gravier!

Her new release, Dark River: Lady Elinor at Hampton Court is NOW AVAILABLE!

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[Ménage and More: Erotic Multiple Partner Historical Romance, with F/F/F, mild BDSM]

At Hampton Court Palace, Lady Elinor Thewesbury is caught in the currents of Lord Eric Wysse’s dark desires when he recruits her to spy on King Henry VIII’s courtiers. Amid bacchanal, bondage and female ménage a trois, Elinor uncovers how information concerning the dissolution of English monasteries is being secretly passed to the Duchess of Heresford. Menace follows Lady Elinor in the person of Lord William Roxley as she secures the necessary proof.

Also uncovered is Elinor’s predilection for domination by the attractive, sensual Lord Wysse. Each searing encounter increases their craving for each other, but the assignment must take precedence. Once the evidence is in hand, Lord Wysse takes Elinor further into the depths of domination and submission sealing their future…

Let's get to know, Kestra!

1) What other passions do you have besides writing?

Well, I truly have a passion for sex! And I love to cook. I especially like what I call “found” recipes, where I concoct something with what I “find” in the kitchen or on an unscripted trip to the farmer’s market. Combining novel flavors to make something surprising and delicious is a great rush. Recently I had good success with camel and Moroccan spices.

Being able to combine cooking, writing and sex is great fun. One way I do that is developing aphrodisia recipes that I share on my website or include in my stories. The research is so enjoyable!

2) What time period is your current release set in? Do you read similar books?

Dark River: Lady Elinor at Hampton Court is set at Hampton Court Palace during the reign of Henry VIII and his third wife Queen Jane. It’s a time in history when women had significant amount of influence at the court and a tremendous amount of political and religious change was occurring. Passions were always at a fever pitch.

I read voraciously across a large spectrum of fiction, and yes, I love the Tudor period and read extensively in that genre, both in romance and other historical novels. Phillipa Gregory is one of my favorite authors in this area.

3) There are several erotic elements in Lady Elinor at Hampton Court. Do you believe erotic romance will continue to grow in popularity? Why?

The demand for high quality erotic stories will continue to grow because the genre touches at the core of what people want from life and from literature. Sex, a compelling story and a happy ending.

4) What is your writing routine like? Do you take time every day to write?

I try to write every day, but usually make it about four out of seven days. Life happens. My routine consists of finding a block of time and minimizing distractions. Then I shift the cat off my keyboard and immerse myself back in the story. Usually the first couple of sentences feel awkward, but then I am deep in the current of the story and I can see (in my mind’s eye) and hear my characters interacting. Then I am racing to keep up. I also do a bit of revision when I am working to keep the tone and flow consistent.

5) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

Right now, I am finishing “Encounters”, the story of Dr. Madeleine Castell and her effort to recapture the passion in her life through sexual adventures. The story is contemporary, set in Louisville, Kentucky.

Next up is an erotic suspense story set in Half Moon Bay, California and a contemporary romance for an as-yet-unnamed character who runs a prepared food shop called “Savory”.

I seem to be drawn to characters “beyond the first blush of youth” – I am enjoying developing the passion and lives of people in their 40’s and beyond. The richness of their experience adds additional dimension to the story.

Visit Kestra Gravier's Website HERE.

Thank you for being a Guest Blogger! Your new release is doing great at Siren and I personally loved it and recommend it! Hot stuff, Kestra!

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Eliza March said…
It's nice to meet you. The interview was great.
Eliza March
Danica Avet said…
Well, first off, that cover is muy caliente! I'm a historical buff, so erotica set in the past is interesting to me. This sounds like an interesting book and it's so going in my TBR pile!

Thanks for sharing!