Welcome Guest Blogger: Author Rosalie Stanton

Welcome Author Rosalie Stanton!

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Blurb for Ripples Through Time:

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Vampire Romance]

Centuries ago, Ravenna Mal was One of the Few, one among many sworn to protect the world from the night’s creatures. Her upbringing was unforgiving; as a warrior, she could form no close relationships, and she could especially never fall in love.
A vampire called Nicolai challenged everything she knew, introducing her to worldly sins, worshipping her flesh with his hands and mouth, and worming into her heart before she realized how painful love could be…especially when ripped away.
In the present, Raven Rayne has a problem. A new vampire called Nicholas in town; one who speaks to her without saying a word, one who stirs long-dormant feelings she can’t dismiss as dreams.
A chance spell reunites Raven with the past she never knew, and memories of Nicholas she couldn’t have dreamed. And though he doesn’t remember her, she knows she must do everything she can to remind him.

Let's get to know, Rosalie!

1.) Do you prefer writing paranormal or contemporary romance?

Both genres have their charm, and I find that if I'm struggling with a project in one, I can work my way through a block by focusing on something in the other. I would say I definitely have more experience writing paranormal romances, and therefore it's most comfortable and familiar, but recently I have developed a real liking for contemporary works. As it is, I love writing both and can't really proclaim preference for one over the other, as I'm typically telling very different stories if one genre is used in favor of another. It really just depends on the mood I'm in.

2.) Do you see e-books/e-readers becoming more popular with time or are they just a fad?

I absolutely do not think e-books/readers are merely a fad. With the prevelance of the Internet in every-day life, as well as new devices such as e-book readers, it seems the market can only grow. Granted, I am aware that many people consider reading a tactile experience and need to "feel" a book in their hands. I was one such individual until recently. Sure, I'd buy e-books and read them on my computer, but when it came to overall preference, I found myself returning to old fashoined ink-and-paper. In December of last year, however, I acquired an Amazon Kindle, and haven't bought any "hard copy" books since. Having access to an entire library of material at my immediate disposal is fabulously convenient. I don't have to take more than one book with me to work in case I finish the one I'm currently reading over my lunch hour, nor do I have to decide what books to take on vacation. I love having a bookstore with me wherever I go, as well as access to old favorites. People who truly love the tactile reading experience might put up a fight, but I am confidant that convenience, ease, and the wealth of material available through e-readers/books will prevail.

3.) What's your kind of hero? Alpha/Beta? Damaged/Dominant? Hairy/Smooth? Tell us...

I think I'm fairly traditional in my personal preference - I love a good alpha. I especially love hard-headed men who take guff from no one until they meet the woman who eventually brings them to their knees. My favorite characters to write are ones who do a lot of verbal sparring, and alpha males, in my experience, are the best for that dynamic. I have noticed a tendency in my writing to make the hero slightly damaged and perhaps a bit bitter or jaded - the sort trying to put a shady past behind them, or something of the like. I suppose the best way to summarize my favorite fictional relationship is Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara. I crave that sort of energetic exchange, both in what I read and what I write.

4.) You write erotic romance. What do you think is important when writing a sex scene?

I think what is important is completely dependent on the writer, and what a particular writer's specialty is. There are numerous writers who can pen smoldering sex scenes with little to no emotional connection between the characters. I am not one of them, and it’s a talent I often find myself envying. Even if my characters aren't in love with each other yet, I find my writing struggles if I don't focus in part on the emotional connection. It doesn't have to be necessarily sentimental, but sex changes character relations, better or worse. The more I focus on my character's thoughts, the more I understand them and their motivations. For me, it's a critical element to storytelling.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

I am currently working on a paranormal romance, and the deeper I get into it, the more I think it has potential to become a series. Once you get attached to certain characters, it can be very difficult letting go. In the future, I would expect a mixture of paranormal and contemporary. It's wherever the muse takes me; I'm merely along for the ride.

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Thank you for Guest Blogging today Rosalie!  Paranormal romance is one of my favorite genres and I look forward to your future work and hopefully a series.

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Beth D. Carter said…
Thanks for blogging Rosalie! I loved reading your answers. I totally agree with about getting attached to characters...I wrote SPIRALS thinking it was going to be stand alone and then along comes some other characters that demand their story. lol! And I LOVE all your covers!!!
Liz Fichera said…
I completely agree with you about the e-readers. Definitely not a fad and so much room for growth. Once you start, you don't go back.
Danica Avet said…
Great post, Rosalie. I don't think e-books are a fad even though I don't buy many of them. I'm resistant to buying a reader, not because I don't like the idea, but because I know I'd go broke from buying and buying and buying (since I do that now already!). lol

Beautiful covers!
This is a great interview and I love the book blurb and title. It's going into my TBR pile!
Rosalie Stanton said…
Thank you all so much! You are very kind. :)

And thanks, Stacey, for the wonderful interview questions!