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Blurb from Honor Thy Neighbor:

When mystery writer Ashlynn Myerson's suspicions about her neighbors begin to mount, her homicide captain husband, Sean, warns her to just steer clear of them. He knows his wife has keen observation skills and a strong interest in becoming a police officer, but Sean's knee deep in an investigation that thrusts him into an undercover assignment when one of his detectives is shot and left for dead. It's not until Ashlynn steps on the wrong toes and is abducted that Sean sees the clue she left for him. He realizes her suspicions of their neighbors and his case are intricately woven together.

The effects of the investigation are far reaching, and the losses could be greater than either Sean or Ashlynn ever thought possible. But Sean will do anything within his power to get his wife back unharmed.

Let's get to know Valerie...

1.) Thank you for joining us today, Valerie. Do you tend to write a particular type of hero? If so, tell us about him.

Hmm, that's a good question. I would say yes, and no.

My heroes all bear traits of my husband--physically and in their personalities--but other than that, I would not say they fit a particular type of mold. I try to give them dimension so that they don't all seem flat or carbon copies of the last book's hero. They're successful in what they do for a living, but not all of them are so successful that they lack nothing.

The reader can expect to find flaws in my heroes. They're not perfect by any stretch of the imagination--and they shouldn't be, either. One of my favorite heroes is Sean Myerson from my Myerson Mysteries Series. He's incredibly patient with his wife, Ashlynn, but he's got a fiery temper while on the job as a homicide detective. I'm not saying he's a bully or someone who loses control, but he's human enough to be angry--and let that anger show. It's justified anger.

That's the personality trait I took from my husband and gave to Sean. Sean's job is demanding, and it's all about justice. But, if you were to compare him to Milton "Milo" Gee from my comedy spy-thriller Gee Whiz Meets SHAFT, you would definitely NOT see many similarities. These two heroes are as different as night and day. Milo has a roving eye. He loves women--all women. He fancies himself a bit of a lady's man. Let's just say he greatly appreciates the art of a woman. However, if he falls for one, he's loyal to that one woman to the very end--even if it's a bitter end! That loyalty is a trait I took from my husband and gave to Milo.

So, to summarize, I don't think I write a certain type of hero, but I'm consistent in who I use as a "role model" for them! My husband.

2.) What is the most difficult part of writing a novel?

I have to say the middle! I'm notorious for writing the story and then going back and adding the middle! My contemporary western romance, Montana Reins is the perfect example. I sat down and had the whole beginning and ending all worked out in my mind. I wrote it and the words just poured out. When I was finished, I had less than forty thousand words. I set it aside and let it sort of marinate in my mind. When I came back to it, I wrote the middle--the action--that brought them to what seemed like insurmountable odds, which led to the ending I already had written. This is NOT the best way to write a book. However, for this book, it was either write it this way or lose the story completely. I was not in favor of losing it completely because I loved the characters, so I wrote it this way.

Usually, I find writing to be fairly easy. It's editing that slows me down. Reading and re-reading and re-re-reading and editing each time around that seems to be the difficult part for me. I've been known to chuck entire sections and rewrite them because they just don't seem to fit with the story once it's done. That's what happened with the real first book in the Myerson Mysteries series, which is why Honor Thy Neighbor came out first and book one is now a prequel. I just didn't like the beginning of the book, so now I'm rewriting it.

3.) I notice you write mystery in addition to romance. Does mystery creep into your romance novels as well?

I confess that it does. Ashlynn and Sean Myerson's story began as a romance, but quickly spun into a mystery. Ashlynn is one of those characters that got along with my muse incredibly well. They tag teamed my creative process and before I knew it, I was writing a mystery. But that's not to say there aren't enough romance qualities to please even the most die hard romance fan. I had to keep the romance as a large part of the series. I wanted the reader to know beyond a doubt that love and romance and chemistry hold these two people together as a couple. They are in love with one another, and that love is a huge part of their lives and this series.

4.) What is a favorite quote of yours?

I have this quote on my desk in my office: "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." --Maya Angelou.

The first time I heard this, it really hit home for me. I began thinking about the people who've been in and out of my life and I thought about why I remembered them. I realized I wanted to be remembered for making people around me feel good things, not bad. I can say I am not always successful. As a human being, I know that I fail, but I try harder to be kinder and gentler.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

Wow, I have a lot of irons in the fire. I'm editing the next book in the Myerson Mysteries series, which will come out next. It titled: Den of Deceit. I'm still rewriting the prequel to that series as well. I'm working on a sequel to Montana Reins, and I'm editing book two in my Gee Whiz series. I also began writing a new romance set in St. Ignace. My husband and I recently took a trip there and I fell in love with it. Before we left, there was a story swimming around inside my mind.

What can you expect in the future? A new detective's series centering around a female private investigator. Is there plenty of romance? You bet!

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Wow, Valerie! You have a lot on your plate, you must be so busy. Looks like we'll be seeing a lot of your books coming out in the near future and I look forward to it.

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Valerie J. Patterson said…

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a guest on your blog. I appreciate the time you've taken to make me feel right at home here. I had fun doing the interview, too!

Michele said…
Wow, Valerie, I know what you mean about the middle of the book. Middles can be murder. Nice interview!
Victoria Roder said…
I have read Valerie Patterson's book, The Lincoln Room. Her characters are believable and draw you into the story. I look forward to her mysteries.
Patricia Lieb said…
Great interview Valerie
servulamljgomes said…
Very nice interview Valerie. And you're so right about editing part. There's always something that catches your eye when you go back to your manuscript, even after you're pretty certain you've done a good job.