New Cover Art!!


The Fabulous Artist Jinger Heaston created the perfect cover for, SAVING GRACE!


Grace is thrust deep into cattle country with dozens of sex starved cowboys. Her modest, timid nature soon fizzles away to make room for her raging lust. From one night stands to a ménage a cinq, she can’t refuse the muscled ranch hands that seem desperate to pleasure her.

"Saving Grace is not just a sexual adventure, but an emotional journey. I loved how Grace grew as a person and learned to accept the good things around her, including love. She never regrets her wild encounters with the sexy men of the Wagner ranch, because they helped her grow into the strong woman she was meant to be."


Danica Avet said…
Stacey, that is a GORGEOUS cover! Can I have the gentleman on the right...with the rippling abs and tight jeans? *drools* Beautiful cover!! I'm so jealous :)
Stacey said…
Thanks, Danica!
I couldn't be more pleased with the new cover. It represents the book perfectly.
You'll have to get in line...everyone seems to want the cowboy on the right,lol.
Outstanding! Yummolicious! You do get very good covers.
Stacey said…
I know, eh!?!

Thanks, Julia!
Kristabel Reed said…
Drool. I want one. Or two. :)

LOVE the cover!
Stacey said…
Hee hee. Thanks, Kristabel!