Welcome Guest Blogger: Author Michele Zurlo

Welcome Author Michele Zurlo!

Her website is still under construction, but you can email her here: michele.zurlo91@yahoo.com

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Blurb: Letting Go

No man has ever satisfied Sabrina Breszewski in bed. She doesn’t want a husband, but thanks to her grandfather’s will, she needs one, and soon. Impulsively, she proposes to a stranger in the conference room at the advertising agency for which she works.

Jonas Spencer has been married before. He’s a cynic, but the chance to be with the beautiful, powerful advertising executive is too good to let pass. He accepts Sabrina’s proposal in exchange for the promise of the passion boiling just below the surface, the passion into which she cannot tap.

Layer by layer, he peels away her carefully-constructed fa├žade, helping Sabrina find passion and showing her the power was always hers. As Sabrina falls in love with Jonas, she must confront the lingering shadows of his first marriage. Can she help him let go of the past, or will he use it to throw away the future?

Note: This book contains BDSM, whipping, and exhibitionism.

Let's get to know, Michele!

1.) We both have twin girls! How do you manage to balance writing and raising a family?

I have a very supportive partner who does all the cooking and she takes care of whatever needs to be fixed around the house. I am not mechanically inclined. I take care of the majority of the cleaning. It's a true division of labor. I don't have much time to write. Because I teach full time, I'm limited to the early morning hours (if I'm not too tired) and I usually a have some time after the kids go to bed. I haven't had much time to write for the past month because we bought a house, fixed it up, moved... and we're still unpacking. *Sigh* The 'settled' phase has yet to happen. Mostly, it's about priorities and making time. I run through scenes while I'm driving or showering. That way, when I sit down to write, I already know what I want to say.

2.) Where did you get the idea to write Letting Go?

I had been kicking these characters around in my head for years, but I didn't write anything down. I took a long, long time to come up with Jonas's name. He went through quite a few before I found one that fit him. One day, their story came to me. I sat down to write and the words poured out. It was sort of like giving birth, only I remember it better because I wasn't completely knocked out. But when I finished that first draft, I looked back and I was amazed by what I had created. (Just like with my girls.) The hard part was that I hadn't read any erotica beforehand, so I wasn't sure I did it right. I figured that if I liked the story, someone else was bound to find something worthwhile in it. Judging by the review and feedback, they have.

3.) Your book sounds very hot, complete with reader warnings, lol. Why did you choose to write an erotic romance?

I listened to a lot of Prince growing up, then I transitioned to Nine Inch Nails. No, seriously, I don't think I chose to write an erotic romance. I tried to write a vanilla romance, but Sabrina and Jonas had something against being vanilla. I'm working on something tame right now. It might possibly be the only non-erotic romance my dirty mind will ever conceive because I'm also working on two other erotic novels. I have a third erotic story halfway done, but I had to put it on the back burner because it's the 4th in the Awakenings series (Letting Go is the first) and I haven't finished the 3rd yet.

4.) What sub-genres of romance do you enjoy reading and writing? Any favorite authors/books?

I enjoy all kinds of romance. I mostly like sweet romance. (Ironic, I know.) I also gravitate toward BDSM (no surprise there), fantasy, and historical. I read a wide variety of genres, fiction and nonfiction, romantic and not romantic, adult and YA. I don't really have a favorite romance author unless Anne Rice counts.  Though I wouldn't say they're favorites, I've recently read some really good stuff from Lauren Gallagher (Between Brothers) and Dena Celeste (Her Master's Gift). I like their characters and their writing styles.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

Coming Soon: I have novels coming out with Siren in June, July, and September. In June, the second book in the Awakenings series, Hanging On, is due out. It features two characters from Letting Go, Sophia and Drew. Sophia's story was requested by a couple of fans. She stood out to me, too, so I was glad to be able to tell them I had already written her story. In July, Irrepressible Force is due out. It's a ghost story. My heroine, Emmaline, was inspired by what TAPS does on Ghost Hunters, except that her abilities are a bit more on the supernatural side. She meets Blade and the two of them clash in some pretty big ways. It doesn't help that a ghost is in love with Blade and she's determine to remove Emmaline from the competition. Torment is due out in September. It's the first in my Daughters of Circe series. Torrey is a witch who falls in love with her mortal enemy. Shade is not just a werewolf, he's the twin brother of the wolf who is determined to sacrifice her in order to harvest her powers.

In the Works: I'm currently working on a sweet vampire romance. I'm also working on the next books in the Awakenings and Daughters of Circe series. The vampire romance (Tomorrow Cries is the working title) should be ready to shop around in the next month. I'm trying to cull it down from 150,000 words to about 120,000 words The erotica probably won't be ready to shop around until July or August, so nothing 'in the works' will be out until next year at the earliest. I don't want to put the cart before the horse when I'm not sure it'll be optioned. I'm thinking I need to write shorter stories...

Michele's Next Book, Hanging On is coming next month!

Here's a SNEAK PEAK at the blurb for, Hanging On:

Five years after being raped by her boyfriend, Sophia DiMarco has managed to put her life back together.  She's a killer dominatrix with her pick of willing submissives.  For her, sex is about control, and she's the one pulling the strings.  Everything in her life is perfect until she meets Drew Snow, one of the country's most popular TV chefs. Handsome and charming, Drew gets what he wants, and he wants Sophia.
The chemistry is undeniable, but Drew refuses to fall in line.  He simply isn't a submissive.  Sophia tries to walk away, but Drew refuses to give up.  Can he tear away the barriers to her heart and claim it for his own?

 Thanks for blogging with me today, Michele.  You've been blessed with awesome cover art by Jinger Heaston.  Wow!  So many books coming out and such a variety!  Definitely something for everyone on your booklist.

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Anonymous said…
Well, I don't know how her mind juggles so many books at one time but keep up the great work!!

Anonymous said…
I learned how to make ADD work for me.
Anonymous said…
What a great interview! I can't wait to read Sophia's story. She was such an amazing character in the first one without being intrusive.