Welcome Guest Blogger: Author Nicole Morgan

Welcome, Author Nicole Morgan!

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Nicole's new release will be available on June 3rd!

Blurb from Sudden Devotion:

[Erotic Contemporary Romance]
An unexpected attraction, a burning desire, and a sudden devotion. When Sara and Mitch meet, a passion ignites unlike any they’ve ever felt. But when a jealous coworker tries to tear them apart, the strength of their budding love affair will be tested. Is the fear of losing each other enough to keep them together?

Let's get to know, Nicole...

1.) So, you're an avid reader, on top of being a busy writer. What type of books do you like to read? Any favorite books and/or authors?

I love reading. I only wish I had more time for it. There's nothing worse than waiting and waiting for a new release from one of your favorite authors only to be too busy to read it once it's finally released. As far as my favorites go, I have many but if I had to narrow it down to a few I'd say: Maya Banks, Sasha White, Lora Leigh, Stella Cameron and Joann Ross.

2.) What's a sub-genre of romance that you haven't tried writing, but would like to?

Paranormal erotic romance. The truth is I tried to a point. I submitted a 1,000 word entry into Stella Cameron's Scarlet Boa Contest. I didn't win but it was fun attempting to write something out of my comfort zone. It's definitely something I've considered trying again, if only I could find the time.

3.) Your books are described as, "passionate page-turners". How do you capture your readers? Is it through suspence, emotion or the love story?

A lot of my books do have a back story of suspense to them, but I prefer to grab them with raw emotion. My goal is to have the reader feel the gut wrenching emotion just as the character does. I want them to feel butterflies, tears and excitement by the time the book is over.

4.) What type of heros do you write in your novels?

I have a little habit for writing extreme alpha males, such as Navy SEALS (3 book series scheduled to be released this fall through Siren Publishing), police officers (Love Knows No Boundaries, scheduled to be released this fall through Siren Bookstrand) and rough and tumble cowboys (current release, Intimate Persuasions).

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

I have a few works in progress. I'm writing the sequel to Intimate Persuasions which I plan on titling Intimate Desires (Intimate Temptations Book 2). I also have a story I've been playing with on and off for several months now. The title is still a big question mark but it has about 40,000 words and I feel like there's still so much to tell. For the time being it's just simply called, "Josh & Hollie's story".

Thanks for being a Guest Blogger, Nicole!

I totally understand the lack of time to read.  My TBR pile is monsterous.  I keep buying, but can't read fast enough!  Good luck with your new release, it sounds like a winner. 

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CynStorm said…
Hi Nicole,

Loved the Blog. Can't wait for Sudden Devotion! I intend to have myself a Nicole Morgan reading day Marathon with this one.

Gros Bisou,
Kristabel Reed said…
I set up a blog for myself but started following others to discover new authors. I'm woefully out of touch! Nicole, thanks for a wonderful interview, I'll be sure to pick up your books!
Abby Gordon said…
Yours are at the top of my TBR! Will be waiting for the next one!
Nicole Morgan said…
Thanks guys. I appreciate it, and nice to meet you Kristabel. :)

And thanks to Stacey for having me. :)
Denysé said…
Hey, Nicole - late for the party, as always. Sounds like you've got some great books coming out - much success with them all. I write all over the place, as you know, and paranormal is one of the easier genres for me... I don't even like it that much, so the response to my vampire tales always floors me!! I agree with what you say about your readers feeling the emotions, though - that's the mark of a great story!! When you're right there living and breathing it, it doesn't get better than that!

Congrats again!!
Ashlyn Chase said…
Great interview, Nicole!

Best of luck with your new release. That cover is HOT!

Great interview Nicole. I love the cover.

Anonymous said…
Very Nice Nic, soooo happy to see it going well, i know how much u love writing! Very proud of you & u r simply the best!!! Make no compromises.
Gale Stanley said…
Great interview! I decided to buy myself an ereader so it will be easier to keep up with all the books I want to read.
Kari Thomas said…
WOW on that cover! If someone can pass up wanting to read THIS book, then they have to be dead! (grin)

Wishing you GREAT Sales, Nicole!

hugs, Kari Thomas, www.authorkari.com
Hi Nicole,
Great interview and terrific cover!
I'm looking forward to reading your book.