Welcome Guest Blogger: Author Tonya Ramagos

Welcome, Author Tonya Ramagos!

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Blurb from Hollywood Lights, latest release in The Heroes of Silver Springs series:

Tess returned to Silver Springs leaving her heart and acting aspirations behind in Hollywood. Two years later, both have followed her. Now an officer with the SSPD, she's found the strong, in control, happy side of herself she always sought. But a single command from Devon Gerard's panty-wetting voice takes it all away, sending her spiraling down a path of wicked desire.

Devon never understood why Tess left. Still, he let her go
without a fight, and it was the stupidest thing he ever did. When his latest role brings him to Silver Springs, he knows it's time to reclaim what is his. But a case she's working on collides with the film he's shooting, throwing them into a battle that rages with danger, deceit, and desire.

Note: Contains M/M elements

"Tess made her first Silver Springs appearance in Twin Games. Though a secondary character, she left a lasting impression. For a woman who sought the spotlight, she surprised me by being content to spend the last three books making cameo appearances. Her contentment ran out, as did mine, when Devon came to town. We suggest you grab a tall glass of ice water because this one is HOT!" ~ Tonya ~

Let's get to know, Tonya...

1.) Wow, Tonya! You have something for everyone, from menage to M/M. What is your favorite sub-genre of erotic romance to write?

I don't really have a favorite. I love to write them all! That's why I have a little something for every reader. My tastes are many and varied and I like to wet all my writing appetites. :)

2.) Tell us about The Heroes of Silver Springs and how you came up with the series. Will there be any more to come?

The Heroes of Silver Springs is a series that showcases various public service agencies and brings them into the fictional spotlight in my small Gulf Coast town of Silver Springs, MS. The series began with the Silver Springs Fire Department, but characters and plots have taken over to involve the local police, FBI, DEA, and even a team of Navy SEALs.

The series developed from my admiration and fascination with the men and women who serve our communities and our country. I'm delighted every day to see how well it has taken off and how many fans the characters of the series have gained.

There will most definitely be more Heroes of Silver Springs. There's too many fabulous characters that still have stories to tell! I'm currently working on book 7, tentatively titled Taken By Surprise.

3.) What do you think makes for a truly hot sex scene? Is it the visual created, emotion, dialogue...?

I think it's what's right for the characters that makes a truly hot sex scene. I might be the writer but my characters tell me what to write and how to write it. Emotion is definitely important to drawing in the reader. Dialogue can help in bringing out the eroticism, though I've written and read sex scenes that were extremely HOT and not a single word was spoken. But I think the visual comes from a combination of letting the characters explore their story and their partner.

4.) Why are more and more woman reading erotic novels and do you think it's becoming more acceptable in society or do we still have to hide our sexuality?

I think women are enjoying the change from the tried and true romance novels. Times have changed. Views on sexuality have changed. Erotic novels have brought those changes into romance fiction and have become an avenue to fill a void in women's entertainment. I do believe it is becoming more acceptable in society to read erotic novels and be more open about sexuality, though I also believe society has a long way to go before openness about sexuality reaches its mark.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

My current project is titled Powerful Moves and will be the first in my new, hopefully on-going paranormal series, titled L.U.S.T.. Watch for it in the coming months at Total-E-Bound.

Readers can also watch for Forty-Eight Hour Burn, book 1 in the new mini-series, The Service Club, coming at Siren Publishing. It is tentatively set for release in September, 2010.

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Thanks for joining me today, Tonya!

I agree with you. I think times are changing more and more all the time to allow women the freedom to explore their sexuality without stigma. Actually, you are one of the people that encouraged me to push the boundaries of eroticism in my writing, Tonya. lol


Context is everything when it comes to sex scenes. I really think an author must be very into her characters to do the scene justice. I agree - sexuality for women has changed a great deal - which is very good for those of us who like to write erotic romance, but I think women still don't like to talk about it much - except for magazines that love to blast out headlines about achieving orgasm!
C.J.Gabriel said…
Hi Tonya!

Wow, you are an inspiration to "pushing the package" (no pun intended) in your writing. Kudos to you! I wish you much success with your latest novel!



Tonya said…
Hi Julia. I agree that an author must be into her characters whether it be in a sex scene or not. If I can't relate to my characters in every way the I simply can't tell their story.
Tonya said…
Thanks CJ! Love the pun (even if it wasn't intended ;)
Kristabel Reed said…
Pushing the boundaries is always fun. I think we've (as a people) have always done that-look at Hollywood pre 1934 code. It was as racy and raunchy as it got. Now it seems pretty much anything goes. No more hiding these kinds of stories behind the ridiculous moniker "Anonymous".

I like your theory on writing a good sex scene. It's true, if you're not into the characters, you can't really write about them, let alone a hot sex scene!
Hales said…
Hey Tonya,

I really enjoyed reading how you write your sex scenes. I do think that you have to really know your characters to pull it off. I am a fan and have loved what I've read. I haven't made my way to your new work but it's on the TBR!
Tonya said…
Hi Kristabel,

I think you're right. Society seems to have to push those boundries every so often to see how far we can go. Then we sit back and enjoy the ride for awhile before we push a little further. I'm glad we have evolved into a more open society even if we do still have a long way to go in my opinion. Hiding in the closet really sucks. The closet monster is one ugly creature! LOL

Tonya said…
Hi Hales,

Thanks for the comment! I'm thrilled you've enjoyed what you've read so far. I think we all have a TBR pile that's out of this world. If only we do take a few months to do nothing but read... :)

She said…
I'm glad that we now have more choice in what is available to read. I find that when I started reading romance only sweet stories were available, stopped at the bedroom door. Now we've pushed the envelope. I've read many new to me genres and I've found that I like them. I don't want just a sweet story. I want adult sex in my reading. Thanks for expanding my world.
Lisabet Sarai said…
Hello, Tonya,

Thought I'd drop by, since you were one of my very first blog guests, and see how you were doing. Swimmingly, it seems!

I definitely agree with you about sex scenes. The key is to make the characters' emotions real. Then let them act on their feelings.

Good luck with all your new releases and wips.