Absolute Write: June Blog Chain

Okay, for this month's AW Blog Chain, we have to post a scene that describes or defines our main character's attitude.

Since Saving Grace is being released June 16th, I thought I'd take a look into her character.  Grace has been through so much during her abusive marriage.  To make matters worse, her husband just sold her off for a month, as part of his wife swap plan.  Though the wife swap turns out to the be the best thing for her, at the time she doesn't think so.

In this sneak peek scene, Grace is finishing a telephone call with her husband, Ken.  He was threatening her to play her part in the wife swap.

“Is that it?” She barely managed to say those words. Her stomach was clenched so tight that she thought she’d be sick. There was no arguing with Ken. He’d beat her down if she tried, and he knew how to hurt her, his best skill in this life.

“See you in a month.” The phone line went dead.

Yes, she hated her husband, but right now, all she wanted to do was go cry in her room. She shouldn’t be allowed to feel betrayal after what she just did in the barn, but she did. Ken still possessed the power to cut her, break her, and drive the life from her soul.

Did she even do anything wrong when he practically ordered her to screw a stranger? It’s not like she would break his heart. He didn’t love her. Never had. It was all about joining the right families and looking good on paper. Love had nothing to do with marriage for Ken.  But love meant everything to Grace, and it continued to elude her.

She slipped into the hall and down to her room, grateful for not running into Mr. Wagner with her emotions on her sleeve and the moisture in her eyes ready to spill over. Grace dove onto the bed and screamed into the pillow, which muffled most of the sound as she beat her fists into the mattress.

Anger bloomed inside her. Anger for Ken putting her in this situation in the first place. Anger for feeling guilty for something that felt so good with the men. Anger for the direction her life had taken. She wasn’t a young chick anymore, and starting over didn’t come easy. It’s something she never considered. Accepting her lot in life, no matter how unfulfilling or miserable, was expected of her by Ken, her own family, society. Ugh, she just wanted to go numb.

A soft rapping at the door had her raising her head in a rush to dry her eyes.

“I’m coming in,” a woman said. Jenna.

She closed the door behind her and sat on the edge of the bed. Grace still lay on her stomach, with her face down. She couldn’t face anyone. When she cried, it never looked pretty like in the movies, all dramatic and sexy. She got red and mottled, and her eyes swelled.

Jenna didn’t question her, only sat still as she rubbed soft circles onto Grace’s back. It soothed the rage within her but ignited her despair. She wept, even though it was the last thing she wanted to do in front of a stranger. How pathetic.

“You want me to hunt down that husband of yours and cut off his balls?” she asked.

Grace couldn’t help it. She laughed. Jenna laughed. Grace kept laughing until she rolled to her back and wiped her eyes with the back of her sleeve. Who knew that one sentence could drive away her sadness and turn a stranger into a friend?
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Anonymous said…
Interesting set up...curious to see how she goes from a beaten wife to the woman I just read in the excerpt (oh lordy, that was hot!)
Stacey said…
Hee, hee. Thanks! Yes, Grace has quite the sexual and emotional journey throughout the book.
Anonymous said…
I think I hate her husband too, and like Collectonian, I also wonder how she gets from point A to point B (C, D, and E) LOL.
Hillary said…
That was amazingly intense for an end of phone call/walk down hall/lay in bed scene. Well executed.
Degirl said…
I really like this short piece. I was drawn instantly to Grace. I feel really bad for her and now I want to read the entire book.
Anonymous said…
You had me at: “You want me to hunt down that husband of yours and cut off his balls?” she asked.
Although I don't normally read romance, I may have to make an exception.
Anonymous said…
I like the fact that she turns all red and blotchy when she cries and it's not beautiful and sexy.

I also don't normally read romance. I'll keep my eye out for this one.
Aimee Laine said…
Congrats on the release!!

"It was all about joining the right families and looking good on paper. Love had nothing to do with marriage for Ken."

That right there says it all about Ken ... and I haven't even read the book. It makes me think Barbie guy with no good purpose such that even Mattel ditched him. ;)

Danielle said…
I agree that you made the crying seem real. This usually isn't my type of thing, but I like it anyway.