New Contract!!!

Unfortunetly my Guest Blogger couldn't be with us today, but I'll have her on ASAP!

I have some good news...

Siren has contracted my latest book, WOMANKIND!!!

Genre: Erotic, Futuristic

In Nova’s world, women rule. Since a child, society preached to her about the evils of men, but how could all men be bad? She’s never seen a man in the flesh…until assigned to prison duty.

Damon isn’t like the other prisoners. He makes her question everything, and does wicked things to her body. She’s his warden and forced to dominate over him in public. Behind closed doors, she gives Damon the freedom to master her body, heart, and soul.

But how can they have a future together when their love is forbidden?


Danica Avet said…
Wow, Stacey! That's wonderful and the story sounds good too! lol Congratulations!