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Welcome, Author Berengaria Brown!

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Blurb for Intensity:

Amos, Wesley and Keziah have been bed partners for a while. Amos and Wesley want Keziah to move in with them and become a permanent partner but she has refused, wanting to be independent. Then she stands up for her friend and loses her job.

Amos and Wesley convince her to move in with them and plan to fuck her insensible to make her want to stay. To that end they have sex on the kitchen table using food for titillation, in Amos's office, and in the gymnasium hot tub as well as in bed.

But chaos erupts at the company Board meeting as Amos's incompetent father tries to use the ménage as a weapon to take control of the company from Amos, so Keziah decides the only solution is for her to leave.

And the ghost has his own agenda…

Let's get to know, Berengaria!

1.) Holy smokes, woman! Intensity is rated Sextreme. Do we get any romance between sheet time?

Well yes the hottest romance is in the hot tub in the public gym, and also out on the balcony. Keziah is just about to come when Amos notices someone watching them. Fortunately Keziah’s back is toward the watcher! But they also go out to dinner and have a wonderful time just talking and relaxing and staying fully clothed!

2.) Where do you get all your ideas?

The characters tell me what is happening. In “Intensity” the ghost kept interrupting and wanting to take over.

3.) How is a (fictional) man better than a vibrator?

For a start his battery is never flat! But my heroes also genuinely care about their women which is nice. Keziah is not about to give up her independence. Amos and Wesley have a tough job convincing her to stay with them and let them love her.

4.) Two or more alpha men with one woman can create quite the conflict. Do you find writing a menage convincingly to be difficult or a welcome challenge?

The sex is easy to write. What woman wouldn’t love to have four hands teasing her, two mouths kissing her skin? But the three of them have to adapt to each other to answer each other’s needs as a triad, so there is never one person who is lesser than the other two. That can be challenging, depending on their personalities.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

There is a vampire who is talking to me wanting his story told. He lives in the tower building where “Intensity” takes place. I haven’t started to write yet but he is getting to be quite demanding!

I have two books releasing in June. “Dance for Three” a contemporary ménage is coming from Ellora’s Cave on 22 June, and “Huldah’s Two Hikers” is coming from Whiskey Creek Torrid in June. And “Complexity” set in the same world as “Intensity” is scheduled for a September release.

There is also a free read for your enjoyment on my blog (scroll back a little)

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Thank you for visiting me, Berengaria!

Intensity...and all your upcoming books, sound very hot!!

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Beth D. Carter said…
Great getting to know you, Berengaria! I'm so glad to read about your work and that I found your blog! Good luck with everything!
K.Hinny said…
Nice interview/interviewee action you have going on here Stacey! Enjoyed it muchly!

Take care ladies!
Happy writing!

Kara M.
Amber Scott said…
Great interview and blurb.
Kristabel Reed said…
*fans self* Wow.

Berengaria, you're one busy woman with some very hot scenes. I'm in love. Er, lust. :)
Thank you, Beth, K, Amber and Kristabel.
Oh yeah, lots of hotness in the book. If you enjoy menages I have another one that's just released, "Huldah's Two Hikers", which is over at Whiskey Creek Torrid. No ghost this time, but lots of good things happening in the great outdoors!
And thank you, Stacey, once again for inviting me over to play.