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Welcome, Author Corinne Davies!

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Blurb from: Believing is Seeing

When Amy Bitonu returned to her hometown, she had no idea how much her love life was about to change.

She had given up on ever finding the right man, and she never imagined the two Greek gods from her dreams would turn out to be real. To top it off, they claim she's their long lost goddess.

Long ago, Hypnos and Thanatos were unable to protect their goddess from destruction. Now that they've found her in modern times, they hope to rekindle their love and unite their powers once again, but Amy has no memory of them. Worse, she doesn't believe their story.

In order to have the men of her dreams, Amy will have to believe the impossible.

Let's get to know, Corinne...

1.) I notice most of your books have a paranormal element. What entices you about this sub-genre?

Reading and writing are all about escaping reality for me. I like to be able to hide away in-between the pages of a book where anything can happen. Anything meaning the hottie walking down the street could be a god, werewolf, or mystic warrior that can make life perfect.

2.) What do you find the most difficult when writing about a ménage relationship?

Keeping all those hands in order. (LOL) It’s a challenge to make certain the reader can keep track of who is touching who and where. Also, I try to make certain that each character can bring something to the relationship that the others need.

My next book is coming out in the Fall of 2010. Haunted Hearts is a classic M/F. After writing two ménage stories, I found it challenging because I only had four hands to work with.

3.) You're a fellow Canadian author. Awesome! Do you find any challenges writing for an American publisher/audience?

Let’s hear it for the Writing Canucks!

The obvious challenge is spelling sometimes. We like our ‘U’s (colour vs. color). Also, there is a bit of slang terminology that I didn’t realize was different. I made a reference to a Hydro bill in one of my books and got a note from my editor asking me if I was referring to the ‘Water’ or ‘Electric’ bill.

4.) What type of books do you like to read? Do you believe reading a lot helps improve a writer's ability?

I read tons of romance both print and e-books. The majority of which I would say are paranormal. ;-) For me, reading helps fill the creative well back up.

If you’re a writer I think you have to be a reader as well. Especially, if you’re aiming for a specific publisher or genre.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

At this exact moment I’m *thisclose* to being finished Steam-Powered Passion. I love the Steampunk genre and this is my first foray into that world. I’m really excited about it and there’s already a second book floating around in my subconscious.

After that I have a few ideas and lots of voices scrambling for attention. I plan to follow my normal rule. Those that shout the loudest get their story. LOL

Thanks so much for inviting me here, Stacey! I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to share a bit about my stories and myself.

Remember there is an awesome contest going on that both Stacey and myself are involved in. There’s only a week left to get your entries in. ;-)

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Thanks for joining me, Corinne!  I'm looking forward to reading Haunted Hearts!!


J.Rose Allister said…
Oooh, sounds positively delicious! If two Greek gods want to show up in MY dreams, I'll believe whatever they want to tell me! LOL
This book sounds amazing! Yummy!
Gale Stanley said…
Sounds divine, I love Greek Gods! I've read and reviewed some steampunk and I really like it. But I can't write it myself. Maybe I'm just not mechanically inclined.
Corinne Davies said…
Thank you for your kind words! I've taken a bit of a break from that series but I'm anxious to get back to it.
I have plans for Hephaestus.... ;-)