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Welcome Author Lindsay Townsend!

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A Knight's Enchantment!


A beautiful alchemist and a valiant knight join forces to free their loved ones - and find an explosive passion...

Desperate to liberate her father who is being held prisoner by the corrupt Bishop Thomas, Joanna of Glastonbury must use her skills as an alchemist to produce an elixir for eternal life. Gold is a key ingredient, and while panning for its rare gleam, Joanna struggles to rescue a boy who is drowning - until a knight comes to her aid. When Joanna lays eyes on the handsome man, a scorching desire is sparked deep within her.

Hugh Manhill is captivated by Joanna's stunning beauty. When he and Joanna discover they share a mutual hatred of the Bishop, they devise a daring plan to save their imprisoned family members. Their common mission strengthens their undeniable bond. Soon, neither can resist their all-consuming passion as they risk all for love...

Let's get to know, Lindsay!

1.) Is A Knight's Enchantment part of a series? What inspired you to write it?

A Knight's Enchantment is part of a series in so far that each of the medieval novels I have written for Kensington feature a knight in shining - or not so shining - armour, though the dates, characters and settings are all different. I was inspired to write my third novel by the very medieval interest in alchemy and the search for gold and the elixir of life. When I realized that women were welcome to study alchemy and become prominent in it, that helped me to create Joanna, my heroine.

2.) Do you write different sub-genres of romance for Siren-Bookstrand and Kensington?

I write medieval historical romance for Kensington and ancient world historical romance and romantic suspense for Siren-Bookstrand. Since I love writing epic adventure and romance wherever possible, I really enjoy writing what I do for both my publishers.

3.) I only recently started reading historical romance and I fell in love with your newest excerpt. Tell us, what makes your alpha knights so appealing to women readers?

I think the idea of a knight as a hero who can be relied on, who is a strong, committed lover, gallant, true and brave, who will treat his woman as a lady, is very appealing. At least, that's what I find appealing about my knights! Knights were also expected to be men of parts - resourceful, protective, chivalrous, good at dancing, music and poetry. They were also expected to defer to their ladies and strive to ensure their ladies obtained what they desired, which certainly works for me!

4.) Women love reading romance! Tell us what you consider romantic and what's important when you develop your fictional relationships.

Deep, tender, passionate, committed love is romantic to me. A woman and man willing to undergo hardship and danger for each other, to protect and rescue each other, to talk to each other, to share, to build lives together - to me this is all romantic. I like to show developing tenderness and understanding between my people. I like to show them quarrelling but also making up and appreciating each other's points of view rather than bickering for the sake of it. I like to show them respecting each other. I also love showing first moments - first meeting, first good look at each other, first kiss, first love-making.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

I'm planning more knight books and more romantic suspense. I also have an idea I'd like to develop about a mystery villa in ancient Rome, where couples go in but don't come out. What could be happening there? That intrigues me.

Thanks, Lindsay!!

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Thanks for joining me, Lindsay.  I can't wait to read your knight series!


Debra Glass said…
Great interview. The books look fantastic. I'll have to check those out.
Thanks, Stacey and Debra! Super questions, Stacey and your blog looks wonderful - so informative and interesting! Many thanks for inviting me here today!
Liz Fichera said…
I didn't know that Knights were supposed to be well-versed in poetry, music and dancing? Very cool. So maybe "knight in shining armor" isn't so much of a cliche after all? Your book sounds great!
Sounds pretty amazing. I love the fact that knights weren't mere fighting machines, or at least didn't view themselves as such.
Linda Acaster said…
It's the fact that women were allowed to study Alchemy that gets me. I've read the first part, and it's a right hooker. Well done!
Jan Bowles said…
Hi Lindsay

A Knights Enchantment is a beautiful title. Did you come up with the idea straight away, or was it a more gradual decision, elimninating words until you had the ideal?

It certainly conjures up the book well, and the cover is amazing. So rich, and intriguing.

Wishing you very many sales Lindsay.

Carol L. said…
Enjoyed your post.I love the title and have it on my TRL. Thanks for sharing.
Carol L.
Hi Liz - yes, knights were expected by the 'rules' of courtly love, to be more than fighting machines. William Marshall, one of the foremost knights in Kenry II's court, once entertained a group of ladies at a tournament by singing.

Hi Julia - thanks! I like the idea, too, that knights were meant to be more than 'bash and grab'.

Hi Linda - yes, the equality of women in alchemy was inspiring to me, too. Thanks!

Hi Jan - thank you. My working title for this was A Knight's Alchemy, but then Kensington and I both felt that was too workmanlike. So I talked it over with my hubby and a friend and gradually came to A Knight's Enchantment. I'm very pleased with it, as it matches how the hero and heroine feel for each other, plus there are some sligthly mystical elements in the novel, plus the whole subject of alchemy was part science, part magic.

Thanks, Carol - I hope you relaly enjoy it!