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Welcome Author Rachel McNeely!

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Blurb from The Marquis' Mystical Witch:

Cursed and scarred, Ulric (Wulf) Hamlin, the Marquis of Radford, becomes a recluse after his wife’s death. When he returns to London, after five years, he meets Althea Beckett at his sister’s coming out ball. Used to seeing revulsion in women’s faces, Althea instead touches him and soothes his pain.

Wulf’s family curse causes him to shape shift into a werewolf at each full moon. But Althea and her sister have their own hidden powers. Wulf's family strongly encourages him to wed and produce an heir, and Althea faces a marriage with a repulsive man she fears.

Wulf and Althea agree to marry for their mutual benefit, but both keep their secrets to themselves. Wulf hopes to hide his family curse from Althea until he finds a cure, but she suspects something is not right. They must face their own demons, find a way to break the curse and trust enough to love.

"I started this book just for the fun of it. I thought a werewolf and a witch story set in Regency England would be interesting. Writing Thea and Wulf's romance kept me on my toes for all the unexpected twists that came along. I hope you enjoy, The Marquis' Mystical Witch, as much as I enjoyed writing it." ~Rachel

Let's get to know, Rachel...

1.) You write a wide variety of romance; from historical and contemporary, to paranormal. What is your favorite sub-genre to write?

My favorite sub-genre is to write stories set in the Regency period. I love to write about women pushing the limits in their restricted society and the strong men that attract them. My most recent release is The Marquis' Mystical Witch, which is a regency with paranormal elements.

2.) How much time do you devote to writing, and how long does it usually take you to complete a novel?

That varies. I prefer to do my writing in the morning. Sometimes I wake up with ideas or the solution to a scene and then it's fresh in my mind. If I have editing to do I can do that in the afternoon, but I get less creative as the day goes on:)

Some days I can't write fast enough and others the pace is slow and hard.

My most recent completed book, a sequel to The Duke's Dilemma, was started last August and I just completed it. I loved the characters but for some reason it was not an easy book to write. The first book didn't take as long.

I actually stopped writing on the sequel for several months and worked on another story, but I was often thinking about the plot and characters in my head. One day I sat down and started back writing on it and the story flowed more easily. That's one of those times when I couldn't write fast enough.

3.) You have some great reviews for your books. What elements do you think make a great love story?

I have to create characters that the readers will root for and then want to follow their story through all their ups and downs. The hero and heroine have to grow and learn about each other. And even the most hardened hero, for me, has to have that soft spot in his heart. I also usually throw in some mystery or danger to complicate their relationship.

4.) Do you have to do a lot of research when writing historicals? I've always had great respect for historical romance authors.

When I first started I bought a lot of books about England and the Regency period. I also joined the Beau Monde online group and they've been a very valuable resource.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

As I mentioned before, I've just finished a sequel to one of my previous books and I've decided to write some shorter stories, also set in the Regency period. I'm having fun with the short stories. It's a challenge to bring the heroine and hero together and show all the elements of their love story in a much shorter book.

I also have an idea for a contemporary series, but I'm not sure when I'll get them written. I've published two contemporary books, Sandstone Legacy and Sweet Revenge. My biggest problem is making myself stay focused and not start to many different projects at once.

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Thanks for joining me, Rachel!  You're building a great backlist.  Something for everyone!

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I know how you feel - sometimes you get a story in your head but another story intervenes - it's great when you can return to the first story with a new mindset and finish it.
I like to read books with scarred heroes. I'm getting this one.

littlebear said…
De ja vu feeling? It looks quite interesting.
She said…
Your new book sounds interesting. The werewolf and witch is different. Can't wait to read it.
Lee Duncan said…
Woooo, Rachel. I love your books! Can't wait for the next one.
Rachel McNeely said…
Thanks for all the lovely comments. If you read The Marquis' Mystical Witch, let me know what you think about the story.
If you like contemporary paranormal, you might like my first book, Sandstone Legacy, which has a witch in it.