Welcome Guest Blogger: Author Sofia Hunt

Welcome Author Sofia Hunt!

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Blurb for The Cowboys Ride Again:

How can one woman love two men at the same time?

Natalie fears Levi is falling out of love with her. When he hires his best friend as a ranch hand, she’s equally shocked at the uncontrollable attraction she feels toward him. How will Levi respond if he finds out?
Levi Kelly’s sexual desires go way beyond the missionary position. When his best friend, Trace, admits to falling for his girlfriend, Levi proposes they share her. The two men slowly seduce Natalie, teaching her she has more than enough love for two men.

When Natalie’s senator father blackmails her, Natalie agrees to leave the two men behind and hit the campaign trail. But she can’t forget them. And they can’t forget her. Will she be able to escape her conservative father’s iron control and embrace unconventional love?

Let's get to know, Sofia...

1.) Why cowboys? What is so appealing about using cowboys as heros?

I grew up near lots of ranches and open rangeland. I’ve attended my share of rodeos. Cowboys are real men, and what woman can’t resist trying to tame a real man.

2.) When writing your menages, do you deal with jealousy issues along the way? How do you handle it?

I’ve really only scratched the surface in my ménages. I’m working on one now where I’ll go into much more detail about it.

3.) Football players are hot! What inspired you to write about atheletes?

I love football. It’s my favorite sport. I love those tight pants those guys wear and those shoulder pads that give them incredibly broad shoulders. They’re men’s men, just like cowboys, and I have a definite preference for alpha males.

4.) Do you write erotica or erotic romance? How important is a happily ever after in your stories?

Erotic romance. I try not to write about sex just for sex’s sake. I’d prefer the characters to build an attachment to each other. All my stories end with a HEA. If I want to be depressed, I can watch the news.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

I have three books in the works in various stages of completion. Last year was a down year for me. I didn’t get much writing done. This year I’ve resolved last year’s issue and have dived into writing with both feet.

I’m working on a story about two rodeo cowboys who are also Special Forces Army Reservists. They’re asked to guard a general’s spoiled daughter without her knowing it as she travels the rodeo circuit as a national rodeo queen. Another book is a suspense with twins, one who owns a PI agency, another who’s a firefighter. The heroine is trying to clear her name after identity theft which left her broke and a murder suspect. She tricks her way into being the PI’s assistant. The third one is a historical, similar to the Mercer Girls, mail order brides brought from the east coast to Seattle in the 1800s.

So you can see I have a lot going. So much to do and so little time.

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Thanks for coming today, Sofia!  Sounds like you have a lot going on now, very exciting!  Can't wait to see all your upcoming books for sale.

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I'm quite a fan of cowboys too, having grown up around ranches. They tend to be men of action - and very few words! You story sounds great and I'm glad this is a better year for you.
Kristabel Reed said…
"If I want to be depressed, I can watch the news."

Agreed! But this begs the question: IS Levi falling out of love with her? Hmm, inquiring minds want to know.
Danica Avet said…
Sofia...are you like reading my mind, or what? Your answers to the cowboys, football players, and erotica/erotic romance are all things I'd say myself!
flchen1 said…
Thanks for the terrific interview! Great to learn a little more about Sofia and her delicious writing!
Sofia Hunt said…
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Sofia Hunt said…
Thanks, everyone.

Regarding Levi, I can't give a spoiler so I'll just say it is an HEA.

I do love cowboys. In fact, my infatuation goes back to my high school days when I had a big crush on a high school rodeo star. He ended up being an NRA rodeo rider. Unfortunately, he died in a plane crash on the way to a rodeo. My college roommate was the University's rodeo queen, which gave me the idea for one of my WIPs.

Football players rank right up there with cowboys. In fact, I've recently been shopping a m/f erotic romance to NY pubs and agents. While I received great feedback, every one of them said that sports heroes just don't sell. It looks like it'll be going to an epub instead, which is fine with me.

A big thanks to Stacey for inviting me to be a guest blogger. It's been fun.