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Blurb from ERIS:

[Ménage Amour: Mainstream Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Interracial, Time Travel]

Immortals born in the thirteenth century, Lucien Riordan and Ranulf Styr have waited centuries to be reunited with their love. Want for her cemented their friendship through time, even as it tore it apart. She changed their lives, made them want better, and they plan to show her that. There's only one catch--she's never met them before.

Eris Brue is flattered by Lucien and Ranulf's attention, but they are her bosses. She doesn't want to get tangled up in an office romance, especially not with two men. Their joint seduction overcomes her resolve, and she gives in even though she knows they are keeping secrets that could doom their relationship.

Centuries of planning have finally come to fruition. Lucien and Ranulf have a short amount of time to make Eris love them, because once time has her, everything could come to an end.

Note: Contains no explicit sexual language. Contains physical violence against the heroine.

Let's get to know, Renee...

1.) Eris has been getting great reviews. What inspired you to write this series?

I started writing because I wanted to read interracials (predominately featuring a black heroine) in the fantastical settings that I love. Of all the fantastical settings, I always wanted to see a time travel. ERIS is unorthodox for a time travel since the traveling doesn't start until half way through the book, but it allowed me to explore time travel with a black heroine.

ERIS is the beginning of the Eternal Truths Series. The eternal truths are those immutable and undeniable truths that cross all cultures, all races, all beings and all planets across all universes -- Chaos, Order, Creation, and Destruction. Each story within the Eternal Truths series revolves around one of these truths.

2.) Do all your books have a paranormal or fantasy element to them. What is your favorite sub-genre of romance to write?

All of my books written as D. Renee Bagby do have a paranormal/fantasy element to them only because they are all based on alternate Earths within my Multiverse. Some of the Earths are very similar to this one except preternatural beings exist and we live along side them, or they exist and no one knows about them. While other Earths vary so greatly that the humans and other beings that inhabit the planet (such as dragons) gave the planet a completely different name.

I created these alternate realities as a way of imposing boundaries upon myself when writing. Otherwise, my stories would be all over the place. Also, I love world building. Tinkering with alternate realities allows me to play giant games of "what if" with the past thus changing how the present looks and feels.

I don't know if I have a favorite sub-genre. So long as I can have characters doing fantastical things in make-believe settings, I'm golden. That said, I do have a penchant for writing fish out of water themes. There's something so fun about taking a character out of their comfort zone and making them adapt to a new person, a new environment, and/or a new race of beings.

3.) Do you believe there are more interracial romance books available these days or do we have a long way to go?

Thanks to ebooks and small press publishers, there are tons more interracial books available than there used to be. As I said already, I only started writing because I couldn't find the interracial books I wanted to read, namely fantasy. I could barely find interracial books period.

The large press publishers are catching on to the trend now that they see it is viable and highly sought after. I'm sure we'll see more, from all races, in the near future.

4.) Tell us about your First Chapters website and how readers/authors can get involved.

I am always trying to find ways to promote myself and others. Whenever I do a book signing or I'm going to an event, I usually send out a call for promotional materials from others to take with me. Well, that gets tedious and burdensome after a while -- making sure to notify people that the shipment has arrived, stuffing bags, packing it all up and transporting it, etc.

So, I thought a blog dedicated to promotion would be much simpler. I could print out business cards and take those and that would lead people back to the blog. But, what kind of blog to create? I didn't want to emulate a blog that was already out there. I thought about offering a blog dedicated to excerpts, but how long of an excerpt? Then it hit me -- the first chapter. A lot of readers will read the first chapter of a book, along with the blurb, to decide whether or not to buy it. Some read the last chapter, but there was no way I would offer that. My promotional blog facilitates that.

Authors of romance (any sub-genre except YA due to the 18+ content that appears on the blog) can send along their first chapter and it will be posted. There is no charge. Simply follow the "How to Submit Chapter(s)" guidelines. Also, authors have the option of contributing a prize to the monthly contest.

Readers can stop by and browse the blog to find new books to add to their TBR (to be read) pile. As well, they can vote on the best of the best. Each month, I have a contest for the previous month's posts (ie - vote for April in May). Readers can vote on the best first line, the best last line, the best cover, and the best overall first chapter. From those voters, winners are chosen -- number of winners varies each month -- to receive prizes that the contributing authors donate.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

Currently I am working on one novella and one novel for my alter ego Zenobia Renquist. One is a paranormal erotic and the other is a mainstream science fantasy. As well, I'm working on the next Multiverse novel featuring a dragon-human romance.

For the future, I hope to have many, many more books published and getting lots of fans who love my books.

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Thanks for joining me, Renee.  I really enjoyed your interview and your First Chapters website is amazing!


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