Welcome Guest Blogger: Author J. Rose Allister!

Welcome, Author J. Rose Allister!

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Blurb from Their Secret Paradise:

Gina investigates supernatural influences at an island getaway guaranteed to stir the winds of passion.

The siren call of the glittering sea can stir the most sensual of fantasies, especially on an island that simmers with supernatural eroticism. Parapsychology graduate Gina Munson knows better than to fall victim to the special “charms” at her uncle's resort...until a muscled building contractor stumbles across her private sunbathing nook and heats up her summer Bahamas paradise.

Let's get to know, J. Rose Allister...

1.) What entices you about adding paranormal elements to your books?

I love all things mysterious, whether it be fantasy or paranormal. All those things that happen in our wildest dreams are the things I enjoy exploring most in my books!

2.) Your upcoming releases sound seriously naughty and interesting. Where did your ideas come from?

My muse is a wacky (and sexy) guy who drops hints for stories on me in the most random ways. Probably the most bizarre example was the creation of BEWITCHING LOVE, which happened as the result of a video game! I had decided to take a "break" from writing back when I was awaiting edits from my publisher for my first novel, VISIONS. Instead I started playing The Sims game, during which I couldn't help asking myself why the computer characters were doing what they did. Soon I'd written a multi-episode soap opera juggling twenty different story arcs, one of which formed the basis for my love-spell-gone-right-and-wrong story, BEWITCHING LOVE. So much for a "break" from writing, eh?

3.) How long does it take you to write a book? Do you write every day?

The longest I spent working straight through on a book was almost two years, which was my first novel. The shortest was a 35k novella I pounded out in four days. Most of my first drafts now take a couple of months of on again, off again work, but I always have a few back-burnered projects that have been around forever. The second book I ever wrote is still awaiting a rewrite to strengthen the romance arc, and I first started writing it over ten years ago.

I don't actually write every day, either. I have other interests and commitments, including homeschooling our youngest and working full time outside the home. I write in spurts many times a year. Admittedly, those spurts are growing longer and closer together as time goes by, but I still take time off to recharge my creative batteries several times per year. If I go too long without writing, though, my muse gets cranky.

4.) E-books and E-readers are huge now! What are your thoughts on this revolution?

I hate to say "I Told You So." Wait. Actually, I'm loving it. I remember years back sitting in author discussion groups listening to folks poo-poo the notion of eBooks as a fad that would quickly die out. I, on the other hand, was intrigued. As part of my commitment to "green" writing, I made a decision to seek out only independent epublishers for a period of one year. Then that stretched to two. Now it's forever after, unless something greener comes along.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

I've got three titles coming out this year, all paranormals. BEWITCHING LOVE and HOLIDAYS BITE are both vampire tales, though the love interests in BEWITCHING LOVE are a witch and a human--the vamp is the sexy baddie. SINFUL ELLA AND THE WOLF features a werewolf and BDSM twist on a famous classic fairy tale. It was my first werewolf piece and I'm very excited about it!

Right now I'm working on a western romance and a contemporary springtime fantasy that is my first attempt at "sweet" romance for quite a while. I've also got more erotic fantasy tales ready in the IMMORTAL PARADISE series that takes place at the resort featured in THEIR SECRET PARADISE.

Also by J. Rose Allister:

Thanks for joining me today!  You have no idea how excited I am about your upcoming books. I'll definitely be your first customer and I KNOW they'll be a huge success. 

Stacey xo


Author Mary C said…
Wow, sounds like you're very busy, but all the stories you have coming up sound great.

Best of luck,
Mary, www.authormaryc.com
J.Rose Allister said…
Thanks, Mary! Working on springtime pieces when it's 115 degrees outside is a bit of a challenge, but a fun one!