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Blurb from Good to be Home:

Ian's budding relationship with David seems to focus on the one thing David is both fantastic at, and loves; sex. Ian's not sure he can keep up. When David's past comes calling, and David goes running, Ian is not sure what to think. He has no idea where he stands with his new lover, only that he's sure he doesn't want to share.

Let's get to know, Jaime...

1.) What got you started writing M/M fiction?

I always chuckle when people ask me this, because honestly, I never wrote anything else. Even when I was first making those awkward, never-to-see-the-light-of-day forays into writing as a young teenager, my stories were all about guys, and there was never a female love interest. It took a decade or so to work up to full on love affairs between the men, but the subtext was always there. And the sex scenes, well, those are fairly recent. I still write quite a few stories where sex doesn't happen on the page. And plenty where it does, don't get me wrong!

2.) Are there any genres you would like to explore in the future, that you haven't yet?

I grew up on fantasy novels. I love the magic, the strangeness, the creatures you almost want to believe in. I've written a few stories that pretend to be fantasy, but honestly, are more modern men in a world where magic works. I'd like to have the skills to really pull off fantasy on a grand scale. I love reading Tanya Huff, too, and she inspires me to try my hand at paranormal. I do have a story coming out with Dreamspinner Press soon-ish, staring Angels in a post-natural disaster urban setting.

3.) M/M can be tricky to get right without sounding fake. How important is characterization to you when you write?

My work is almost all character driven, so I'd say pretty important! You're right about it being hard to get right, and the best compliment to my writing I've ever received is from a male reviewer who said I knew how to write men. I floated around on that compliment for weeks, let me tell you.

Mostly, I model my guys after the men I know (who, ironically enough, all happen to be straight) I try to imagine what they would say, how they would act in any given situation, and apply what I've observed. It hasn't steered me wrong yet. I suspect, in life, the types of guys I write about are the types who don't feel the need to hide their sexuality, but who you would never imagine were gay, either. Just guys who live their lives and don't define themselves by who they fall in love with.

I'm also slightly neurotic about back story, too. I always have a firm grasp of the lives my characters have lead, though on occasion, I couldn't tell you what they look like or, even, in a couple o instances (like The Long Road Home, a free read on my website, or Black Roses, an Immortal Fire short) what their names are.

4.) How long does it take you to complete a book? Do you write every day?

First, do I write every day? Pretty much, yeah. If not physically writing stories, I'm going over them in my head, as my family can often attest, having had entire conversations with me that I promptly forget, because I've been writing in my head.

As for how long it takes me to finish something, well, with concerted effort, I can finish a 10,000 to 16,000 word short story in a week, though I've been known to go years between beginning and end, and I usually, I've been thinking about it a long time before I put pen to paper, of finger to keyboard.

I have yet to finish anything over 40,000, with the exception of Fight, but I co-wrote that with Sarah Masters, so I only did half the work! Lol!

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

Now, I'm in sequel land. I've recently released a book titled Spinning, with Pink Petal Books. It's the first book of my Ageless Series, and book two, right now, is due to come out in October, I believe. I'm currently working on book three.

I've also had a release with Loveyoudivine Alterotica, a short free read called Who Says Shamrocks Aren't Lucky, and that is the first of my Irish Lovers Series. Book two comes out Friday: Good to be Home, and book three is in the works.

I'm also contemplating a second book in my Atlantis Immortals series, of which Windblown (also with Loveyoudivine) is the first. Those three lovers have more tales to tell. There's Hotwired Hearts, part of the Stealing my Heart Anthology, which is the first book in Tales from Rainbow Alley. I'm planning a free Christmas story, and a second book to come out next year with Total E-bound, and finally, Sarah and I have already launched into a new story together. Our current release, Fight, will come out at Loveyoudivine soon.

Lots going on, and those are just the series. I do have other things I'm working on that are stand alone books so there's never a dull moment on this here keyboard.

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Thanks for joining me, Jaime.  Glad to get to know you better!!



Nice interview, Jaime. :) I loved learning more about you.
She said…
Good interview. I found it interesting you only had male love interests in your stories. Good luck with your sequels. I love series.
Jaime Samms said…
Thanks, Lisa. Good to hear from you. I have this thing about talking about myself....I do it too much.

She: this is something I only have realized in retrospect. I never noticed it at the time. Thanks for the good wishes. I'm pretty sure I need it! lol!

Janice said…
The books sounds great. Good luck and I wish you many sales.

Jaime Samms said…
Thanks, janice :) I do hope people like them :)