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Welcome, Author Regan Taylor!

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Blurb from Her Knight in Shining Amour:

The last thing Karley Roberts wants is for anyone to know in her other life she is ultra steamy writer Dee Dee Deeds, aka Dirty Deeds of the Love Cups. Research takes on a new meaning when she walks into O'Brien's and walks out with her very own Knight.

Let's get to know, Regan...

1.) What is your genre of choice when writing, and are there any you'd like to try?

I mainly write time travels with twists. That may seem a bit strange to say since time travels are by their nature a twist on our life as we know it. I have elements of reincarnation and past lives or instead of one character traveling to a different time, I have a couple traveling together. One of the pleasures of writing time travels is that you have the option to try any other genre through the travel. For instance, a character traveling to Transylvania in the 1800's, who might then encounter there? What would they do when they meet up with the same person, claiming to be a descendant in 2012? Especially if they found their own ancestor's diary talking about this same person in 1700? You'd have paranormal, three periods of history, a romance (of course the traveler would fall for the vampire. Does that make sense? In one that I am currently shopping the hero travels through several time periods including into the far future.

2.) How important is cover art to the success of a novel?

Incredibly important to me. I recently had a cover artist inform me that covers with scantily dressed females and half naked men are out of favor and that this ridiculous fluff piece with flowers and vines was what was selling. As a reader I don't even look at those fluffy pieces and move on to those half naked men. (Scantily clad women don't do much for me but a buff and gorgeous guy -- oh yum). When I read it is to escape and I like escaping into a world of beautiful women and handsome men who do things I could never do, i.e.,sail on a pirate ship or meet Queen Victoria. Those are days gone by and for me books about those types of experiences are my way to feel what I might have felt had I lived then. Yes, it's through another author's eyes, but very creative eyes that carries me away to that time and place. The cover art is the first step to going there. I'm not a fan of "cop out" covers either. It seems to me that anytime there's a book that has some sort of picture or photograph involved, some artists think it is so clever to pepper the cover with old photographs or pictures that have nothing to do with the story. Those kinds of covers don't evoke an emotion in me as a reader. As an author I'd have a hard time promoting a book with a cover that doesn't evoke an emotional response in me. I've had two "artistic impression" or "concept" covers that were the artists idea of what she thought my book might be about. Neither was close to what the books were about and they were very disappointing.

If you take a look at my cover for Her Knight In Shining Amour, you can see the kinds of cover I love. My hero's name is Morgan Knight and he boards a horse at Castle stables. Angie, my cover artist for that book (as well as the Thrill is Gone) totally captured the feel of the book in the cover. While the castle in the background isn't a stable, it evokes the majesty of knights and castles. The half naked guy on the cover is plain ole gorgeous to look at. What Angie does that I absolutely love is she finds people for her covers that could essentially be any race, culture or ethnic group. They can BE any one you want them to be for you. They can be blond, brunette, redhead, bald or wearing a mullet if that's what you like. The women are sensual and you can sense their emotions. She got that cover in just a few words and it is one of my favorite. She's a spectacular artist and I love her work.

Skylar Sinclair has done my covers for my Bride and McKenna' series. For the Bride series we have used the same model for both the covers so far, but she altered the images so that they look the same, yet different. The heroes in the first two books are brothers so there would be some resemblance. In the McKenna series we decided the feature the same couple on each cover with a scene from the book beneath them. We felt it would give a good continuity to the series because the hero and heroine remain the same throughout, but get into different situations. I think you'll agree, there is a LOT of emotion in the McKenna covers and hopefully readers feel there is a lot of romance in the bride ones.

3.) You're getting quite the backlist, Regan! Where do you get all your ideas?

That made me smile because I still feel like such a newbie. I suppose that comes from having friends like Sherry Derr-Wille who has something like 60 books in he back list and Jennifer Cloud with, I'm going to guess, 30.; Mainly my books come from dreams..Something will happen in my day life and I'll have a dream that takes the event into another direction. I've done dream work since my teens and one of the things you learn in dream work, particularly the courses I took with Robert Moss, you can create whole worlds and then remember them.

4.) Tell us about your perfect hero.

Ah. My perfect hero. You know, all of my heroes end up perfect to me. All of my heroes have elements of the man I've been in love with for oh, gee, we met July 4, 1991 at a welcome home parade....I realized in was in love with him on May 25, 1992. He is a former Marine (although they say once a Marine,always a Marine.) He flew CH-53 helicopters, donned his dress blues when ever we went out anywhere and his class C's to pick me up at the airport. When my parents were still living and he was stationed near them, he would go to their house to check on them and help them with things that needed to get done. He has a great voice, a sweet smile, will pretty much try anything, supports me at least physically and emotionally in anything I want to try, loves animals and even though he's allergic to cats adored Molly. He's smart, knows his own limitations and when to push them as well as when to stop pushing me to mine. He has, even 18 years later, a body that shouldn't be hidden behind clothes -- he's as buff today as he was the first time I saw him without a shirt. He's not afraid to say I love you. There's elements of him in every hero I write.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

My latest WIP is a non-fiction. My first two published books were non-fictions that were intended to help people with disabilities, particularly acquired disabilities adjust to their new way of living and to keep them from losing everything. The other is directly primarily for people with learning disabilities. The one I've been working on the past month came about with the death of my 22 year old kitty, Molly. Her death was devastating for me and everyone that knew her has had a hard time accepting her death. This one is entitled Messages From the Rainbow Bridge; How Our Furfaced Children Let Us Know All Is Well. It has stories of my own cats and how I found my own peace with their passing and I will be incorporating stories from others who have lost a beloved pet. It's a cathartic experience for me.

After that, I have several more books in the Bride, McKenna, Eyes and Descendants of Earth series as well as several more tarots.

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Eve Langlais said…
Ooh I like the play on words with Amour being so close to armor. And I won't mention the drool I wiped off his abs lol.
Congrats on your current and previous releases!
Regan said…
Eve -- that's how I felt when I opened up the email and saw that cover! He's my screen saver!