Welcome Guest Blogger: Author Sandy Sullivan

Welcome, Author Sandy Sullivan!

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Blurb for Strictly Professional:

Savannah Gibson needs a ‘stud,’ and time's running out. Her parents have already given her and her sisters an ultimatum. A grandchild or no trust fund. One thing keeps her awake: who does she ask?

Doctor Brandon Cooper is hot with his dark curly hair, solid chest and sexy blue eyes, but he’s also a colleague and a cowboy from Montana. He steer-wrestles on his days off and rides a Harley.

Thoughts of Brandon wrestling her to the bed and having a round of hot sex encompass her dreams and make her panties wet, but she doesn’t want a permanent fixture in her life, especially a cowboy.

Having grown up on a cattle ranch in Texas, she’s learned to hate cowboys. Cows are stupid, horses are ornery, and cowboys are arrogant, selfish, commitment phobic, mean, rotten…

Can she possibly ask him to be the father of her child?

Let's get to know, Sandy...

1.) Cowboys, cowboy, cowboys! What is it about them that make women crazy for more?

I'm not sure about everyone else, but for me it's the nice chest, tight Wranglers and cowboy hat! If I see a cowboy hat, I have to look. LOL I think we love them because they are so rugged on the outside and at least our fantasy cowboys are like jello on the inside for the right woman.

2.) You've been getting amazing reviews. How does it feel to be understood, and acknowledged for your hard work?

I love it. I'm glad when readers get the message or the way the story goes. It makes the whole thing worthwhile to have a reader like what I've written.

3.) How do you start a book? Is it with an idea for characters, plot, or one little seed of an idea that grows?

It's usually a seed of an idea. It's planted in my brain and goes from there. I get ideas from everywhere, songs, a scene that pops into my head, a person I see on the street...just about anything. The characters usually take it from there and drive me nuts until I get it down and they can get back to their happily ever after.

4.) Will you continue to spoil us with more cowboy goodness? Are there any new genres you plan to try?

Always more cowboys. LOL But seriously, I do have som other genre's in the works. My next release from Siren is actually a light BDSM and the one after that is a menage. I love cowboys though and they are so much fun to write so they are my comfort zone. I do have an xmas short coming out with XOXO publishing that is a military xmas piece. And they want me to write something for a Halloween anthology so I'm considering a shifter.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

I'm finishing up the first of a series for Passion In Print called Gotta Love A Cowboy. They are looking at an October release, but obviously by the title, it's a cowboy story. I know, big surprise! LOL I've got all kind of new stuff coming out in the next several months, so keep your eyes peeled to my website at http://www.romancestorytime.com/

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Thanks for joining me Sandy!  Looking forward to your coming releases!



Hales said…

You're evolving!!!!!!! A shifter piece nice :)

I love working with Sandy, she's on talented lady who makes me laugh.
Missy Martine said…
Hey Sandy, nice interview. Interesting to read about your branching out, especially into menage - my all time favorite :) I've read all of your books so far and can honestly say you're one of my favs :)

Missy Martine
Margaret West said…
I like to pop over to blogs and meet other authors. Great post, sandy. Good luck with the new release.
Andrea I said…
I love those hot cowboys! Several of your books are in my huge TBR stack.
Carly Carson said…
Great blurb, Sandy. You really nailed it. And your hero has everything. Good luck with the book!
flchen1 said…
Hi, Sandy! Great to get the scoop on your latest ;) So... a cowboy shifter? :D
Like most women, I do love cowboys! Great interview, Sandy!
Anonymous said…
Hi Sandy! WOW, you have the best Covers!

Raising my hand here as another "Cowboy Lover"! I grew up on a ranch in Florida, so I had the opportunity to watch all those cowboys in action all the time! LOL!

Wanna know something even sexier than a Cowboy? A Cowboy on a motorcyle!! I saw two the other day and WHOA! Instead of helmets they had their cowboy hats! Be still my heart! LOL!


hugs, Kari Thomas, www.authorkari.com
Chris M. said…
Hi Sandy! As you know, I'm really not surprised by the cowboy addiction. And Strictly Professional is going to be in my ereader by the end of the day... hopefully... barring any unfortunate ereader meltdowns. :-D

Great interview!
Sandy Sullivan said…
Thanks so much everyone for your wonderful comments and stopping by Stacey's blog. I loved her questions!

And I just found out, Professional Liaison which is a BDSM piece, should be released on 8/5!
Nancy said…
Cowboys are HOT, and he's a doctor, too? Wow. Congrats on the book's release.