First Review: Damaged Cowboys

Angelique's Review:

Who said that sharing is lame? The Macintosh brothers would beg to differ. In “Damaged Cowboys,” a girl from the past brings three struggling brothers back together. Ms. Espino brings her characters to life and plunges you into their world of loss, recovery, and smoking hot sex. Once you start reading, you will never want this story to end.

One thing that I noticed in this book and in the other novel I have read by this author is that her characters have very realistic and complex emotions. She puts herself in the shoes of the character and it shows in her work. They are consistent, but still manage to throw out some surprises.

And did I mention that the sex was hot? I do admit that I had some concerns going in about three brothers with one woman, but Ms. Espino made it work without making it weird. You will definitely need a cold shower after this one.

“Damaged Cowboys” is definitely a must read if you are into cowboys, like ménages, or just want to read a good story. Can’t wait to read more from this author.

5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read!

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