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Blurb from Pirate's Promise:

Three promises.

Two Lives on the edge.

One undeniable love.

Everything attorney Julia Branholt has worked for is about to tank thanks to one stubborn, bull-headed pirate named Hakon “Hawk” Thoralssen. It’s not enough that she’s forced to take him on as yet another pro bono case, but someone bails the man out in her name. This ethical nightmare could mean disbarment...and the end to a promise she made her father. So Julia goes rogue and follows Hawk.

When sabotage threatens to destroy the home of his late wife, Hawk rushes to save the village. He didn’t bargain on a hot-tempered attorney following him. Especially not one who fills him with a heat he’s chosen to deny.

The only way to save Tierra Bonita means working together. Can this village of kind-hearted, affectionate people draw Hawk and Julia out of their self-imposed isolation and open their hearts to new promises?

Let's get to know, Laurie...

1.) What is it about pirates that is so appealing?

Hmmm. It might be easier to answer what is NOT appealing about pirates. :) Nothing, in my mind. Well, maybe if you take the seedy side of piracy, there would be a lot of toothless men, cesspools, and unsavory characters. Thankfully, my modern-day pirate, Hawk, has a noble mission. He’s taken to a life of crime to rebuild the village home of his late wife. Add in the long blond hair and the muscular build of Viking ancestry, and this hunky hero definitely oozes appeal.

2.) Are there other sub-genres of romance you'd like to write?

I’d like to take a stab at a fantasy romance at some point. And I love to read paranormal in addition to the contemporaries I pick up on a regular basis. I’m happy for now writing in the contemporary genre. There are so many stories out there in daily life that I doubt I will ever get them all written.

3.) Do you believe sexual tension can be just as powerful as a graphic scene?

This is a great question, Stacey. And, in my opinion, the answer is yes. Sometimes even more powerful. We are taught as writers to give the reader enough information so their imagination kicks in and fills in the rest. Now, I’ve read some really excellent graphic scenes. And in a lot of instances, the sexual tension preceding those scenes is strong. I work to amp up that angst. To give my characters a strong desire to be together as well as a tough-to-ignore reason to stay apart. To make them ache to touch each other. When they do touch, it’s not much shy of graphic. I do like to let the reader have a little of the fun by leaving just a bit to the imagination, though.

4.) How long does it take you to complete a book? Do you write every day?

I do write every day. Well, most every day. Since my first book, Stolen Treasures, was released, I’ve been writing at the rate of about two books a year. It’s tough to write more once you add marketing and promotion into the daily mix.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

As I wrote the first book in my pirate series, Stolen Treasures, I fell in love with a happy-go-lucky secondary character, Aidan. And I found the perfect person to muck up his life in my second novel, Pirate’s Promise. It’s their story I’m writing now. Both these two are players...and both have reasons to distrust. It’s been a struggle for them to overcome their pasts and allow love to blossom, but I’m certain they will succeed. As for what comes after this? Well, there are a lot of stories rumbling around in my brain. I’ll just have to wait and see who is the most insistent at breaking out.

Thanks for having me here, Stacey. You’ve asked some fun and insightful questions and I appreciate the opportunity to talk about my stories. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but the cover to your smokin’ hot book, Saving Grace, is one of my all time favorites.

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LDee said…
Good Morning Laurie. Enjoyed having a cup of coffee and reading your blog.

Enjoy the day

Laurie Ryan said…
Hi, Lavada! We had coffee together this morning, then, as I just finished my cup. Thanks for stopping by.
Jan Bowles said…
Hi Laurie

I've enjoyed everyone of your books, and I am looking forward to the next in the pirates series.

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