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Blurb for Nephilim: Shades of Gray

Raised within the Watcher’s Council, Nicolette spent her entire life being taught their ways. In her world, there was only good versus evil, everything was black or white with nothing in between. While observing a man whom she had been told was evil, she saw good in him. Confused, she began questioning everything she had been taught.

Aleksander had lived amongst humans for eons, hiding in their masses. Born an abomination, considered evil, by night he fights the demon horde, trying to earn himself points towards redemption and salvation. Then he met Nicolette, who possibly meant the end of his very existence. Could he walk away from her and let her go?

Can they find love and hold on to each other somewhere in the middle…somewhere in the shades of gray?

Let's get to know, Alexandra...
1.)  How do you envision your characters/hero?
After walking in your character's shoes within the writing process, you know this "person" better than anyone else. And speaking for myself, I have a mental picture of who they are. I spent hours going over and over the artwork questionnaire, trying to answer every question and relay what it was I wanted my characters to look like.

I am not trying to sling arrows or throw punches, but the Aleksander that graces the cover of my new novel Nephilim, is not the Aleksander I had in my head at all. And no offense to the graphic artist who created the cover - he can't crawl into my head and see what I see - but it was a little underwhelming for me when I first saw it.

So, while randomly surfing, looking for inspiration for my next male lead in the sequel to Nephilim (so I can send a picture to the artist next time in hopes it will be something closer to what I see), I came across a picture that just screamed Aleksander. So, if you purchase the book - this is the man I want you to consider in your noggin’ while reading.

Now, I know what you may be thinking. A little effeminate...well, Aleksander is supposed to be half-angel, and when I think of an angel, I think beautiful. So mixing the beauty with the hardness of male...I think he fits the bill here.

Readers – have you ever read a book and the cover just didn’t do anything for you? It has happened to me, where the character and the picture just did not mess and it actually turned me off from reading the book.

Authors - have you ever been disappointed by a cover, and, what did you do to ensure it doesn't happen in the future?

2.) Where did you come up the idea for your Nephilim series? How many books do you plan for the series?

I've always had a thing for a man with wings - I think there is something incredibly erotic about them. X-men's Archangel just does thing for me. Hopefully I am not the only one! And as it stands now, there are plans for at least five books within this series.

3.) What is the more important when writing erotic scenes: emotion, graphic details, dialogue, or a mixture of both?

It needs to be a mixture of details and emotion. I don't put a lot of dialogue within a sex scene - I am not a talker during sex and don't really want to have a conversation with someone while they are pushing my buttons so to speak. I'm not saying there shouldn't be talking at all - but it is about the act and the emotions within it - being able share yourself on the visceral level.

4.) Are there any new genres you'd like to write?

I am a Sci-Fi/Paranormal girl at heart, but I was a History major in college, so I have a few ideas for that - not your run of the mill Historical, though either. There may be a menage in the near future...already mapped out a chapter or two for it already.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

I am currently writing Nephilim 2 and I have already started a chapter or two of the third installment as well - when it hits, I write it down so I don't lose it. Of course, I have the menage story on the back burner awaiting time from me. And I have another series of Ghost stories I would like to do as well.

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Thanks for joining me, Alex! I can't wait to start your new series!!


I loved reading your interview and I find your story concept amazing! I guess lots of us are sci fi fans and history majors/buffs
The biblical reference to the Nephilim is brilliant!
Glad you like the interview! And thanks again Stacey...appreciate the spot :)
Shara Lanel said…
Great interview! Oh yeah, cover art is so important. My least fave cover was so low contrast (red and purple) that you couldn't read the title/author online or on the print version. The only solution for that one was to wait for the contract to end and go with a different publisher.
My first one was great...second was a little less great. And then this one, well, just so far outside what I envisioned :( But it could be worse...it might have not been published at all, so I need to look on the bright side I suppose :)