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Welcome, Author Karenna Colcroft!

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Blurb from Eternal Love:

For over 900 years, immortal Rhys Trevellian has been in love with the soul of the same woman—his childhood love Gwen. Unfortunately, Gwen is mortal, and Rhys is unable to keep her with him. When he meets Gwen Davies in a coffee shop in his newest hometown, he immediately recognizes his lost love.

Gwen Davies has had a rough life, most recently having to run from her hometown to a small town in Maine to escape her abusive ex. In Rhys Trevellian, she recognizes something that strikes a chord in her. Although she has no memory of the lifetimes he claims she’s shared with him, she knows he’s her true match.

To remain together forever, Rhys and Gwen must escape those who seek to murder Gwen before Rhys can transmute her to immortality, and those who seek to execute Rhys for crimes he didn’t commit.

Let's get to know, Karenna...

1.) What are your favorite sub-genres of romance to read and write?

For writing, I seem to end up doing a lot of contemporary. Honestly, though, I prefer paranormal, because it’s so much fun to see what I can get the characters to do. Paranormal leaves so much more room for possibilities. I think I write more contemporary because I’ve had some relationship problems in the past, so I use my characters to try to get it right. I’m a “normal” human being, for whatever value of “normal” works, so that’s the type of character I tend to write.

As far as reading, paranormal, definitely. I love the world building of some of my favorite authors.

2.) Why do you think women can't get enough of erotic romance?

I think it’s partly an escape from reality. Women tend to get stuck in the day-to-day of working, whether inside or outside the home, cleaning, taking care of children, taking care of spouse/partner if they have one. In real life… well, there’s a whole lot of real life, and not a lot of romance. So I think women turn to romance to find what may exist in their own lives but is lost under a mountain of other things. As for why women might choose erotic romance in particular, sex happens, and I think that people are becoming more accepting of that. Sex is frequently part of a healthy romantic relationship (not always, but often), and so if one is going to read romance, why not see what happens in all aspects of that relationship?

Besides, you never know… you might get some tips you can put into practice in your own sex life. LOL

3.) You're published with a variety of publishers. Do they all have something unique to offer you as an author?

Absolutely. I’ve published with Excessica, Pink Petal Books, Noble Romance, and Siren. Without going into too much detail or naming names, there are publishers who have wider distribution channels than others, publishers who are more author-focused than others, and publishers who have a large enough “stable” of authors to draw more readers than others.

4.) How long does it take you to finish a book? Do you write every day?

How long depends on the book, my mood, my health (I was recently diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome) and how many other projects I have going at the same time. In addition to writing romance and erotic romance as Karenna Colcroft, I also write young adult urban fantasy under a different name, and so I’m frequently working on two or more projects at any given time. Generally, I take about three or four weeks to finish the first draft of a novella and five to six weeks for the first draft of a novel, and then another three or four weeks for editing and revising before I submit. That can vary, though. I do write and/or revise every day, but again, how much time I have in a day and how much I accomplish depends on a few factors, especially my family, who need my time a lot more than my books do.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

Right now, as we speak, I’m finishing up a contemporary novella about two dance instructors who fall in love. It was inspired by the Toby Keith song “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This,” but it really has little to do with the song other than the dancing part. I’m also starting a fantasy novella that’s part of a shared world series coming from Pink Petal Books and getting to revise a hot contemporary short that has two possible homes, and I haven’t yet decided which one to send it to. On my “to be edited” queue I have an M/M paranormal romance about werewolves and a paranormal-with-romantic-aspects about a bookstore psychic who becomes involved in a twenty-year-old missing child case. And I’m waiting to hear from publishers on a contemporary MFM novel about a woman living with her boyfriend who rekindles a flame with an old lover, a contemporary enemies-to-lovers novella, and a contemporary romance based, of all places, at a marine assistance towing company (kinda like the one my husband and I work for). That’s in addition to the three young adult novels on my to-edit queue and the two YA novels that I’m waiting for responses on. I guess you might say I’m a little busy. LOL

Thanks for joining me, Karenna!

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Lovely interview! This book sounds amazing. I'm a big fan of soul mates and love that stands the test of time - even if that time means centuries!
Thanks, Julia! I'm a firm believer that if it's meant to be, it will... you just have to be patient.

Stacey, thanks for hosting me today! :)
C. Zampa said…
Nice interview, Karenna!
And keep up the good work!
Happy writing!
Megan Rose said…
Great interview, with some super questions :)
Thanks, C. and Megan! :)
Madeleine Drake said…
What a cool idea, that a vampire would be following his human love around the world as she reincarnates from one life to the next!

Another reason women might read erotica is that it's a safe way to explore one's feelings about sex without also having to worry about rejection by another person, or worry about bruising that person's ego. Speaking as a molestation survivor, reading erotica was part of my healing process.
Thanks Madeleine :) Rhys isn't a vampire, though... just immortal.

You have my respect, Madeleine. I'm also a survivor of childhood molestation and rape as an older teen and again as an adult. Writing erotica was part of my healing process; that's actually where this novel came from. A friend challenged me to put my writing skills to use by writing something showing sex in a positive way, and I wrote the scene where Rhys turns Gwen immortal and then realized I had an unwritten novel on my hands.