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Blurb brom Encounters:

Their romance detonated years ago. So Dr. Madeleine Castell buried herself in her work. And tried to forget Dr. Zach Reilly and their sexual explorations. Now a surprising gift - three sessions at Encounters with an unidentified gentleman - will rekindle Madeleine's sex life and renew her passion for submission. But is this enough?

Zach Reilly back in her life, a scandal at Castell Healthcare and Madeleine's feelings for the gentleman from Encounters combine for an explosive climax. Madeleine deserves what she gets!

Let's get to know, Kestra...

1.) Tell us about your newest release. Is it as kinky as your Dark River book?

Encounters tells the story of Dr. Madeline Castell as she starts a new career, meets up with an former flame, and has a mysterious lover enter her life. It was quite a challenge to write Madeline's story, balancing her controlled professional side with her desire for love and her desire to explore Domination/submission. There was also balancing the medical and hospital storyline with her erotic adventures. As early feedback reports, it has worked out very well.
There is a chord connecting Encounters and Dark River - that of a woman exploring BDSM/D/s and blossoming into her fuller self. And capturing the heart of her man! The erotic flows as strongly through Encounters as it did in Dark River; now, in Encounters, there is an artistic connection and in Dark River, there was a greater emphasis on the voyeuristic elements of BDSM.
I had a lot of fun researching the lingerie used in Encounters and acquiring lingerie based quotes to introduce the chapters. And I sampled many pieces of Vosges chocolates to find a favorite. When it came time to include the chocolate in the bath scene, it turned out there was no need to specify what kind of chocolate she was eating. But the research was certainly not wasted.
I once had the opportunity to spend a couple of days (and special nights) in Louisville and came away very impressed with the city as place for a romantic getaway. The restaurant choices are superb, lots of art galleries and, something I learned on that trip- many iron works and forges around the city. I found the thought of a man working a forge to be very sexy and that thought led to setting the book in Louisville. I really look forward to my next trip there.

2.) Are there any sub-genres of romance you haven't written, but would like to?

I would like to write something in the paranormal genre, probably a story with druids and a ecology/conservation theme. I love the water, so the story would likely involve a druid who derives his power from water and a woman who works with water environmentalism. Or maybe it would be better to put them on opposite sides of an issue and let the sparks fly.

3.) How much time to you devote to your writing?
 I try to write at least a couple of hours a day. At least that is my intent, but life sometimes has a way of interfering.

4.) Why do you think so many women love erotic romance?

Erotic romances tend to have woman with a strong core, which makes sense because it takes courage to explore the erotic aspects your own life, especially if it goes against convention. So I think the characters are appealing. Then there is the eroticism itself. I often find "softer" romances frustrating ('then they retired to her curtained bower...') because so much of a romantic relationship develops in the sexual encounters. And so much personality can be revealed in sexual choices and activities. Combining the erotic with the everyday aspects really brings out the nuances of a character and makes them live for the reader.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

I'm currently working on a mystery/romance that takes place in the biotech industry. The woman at the center of this story is dealing with BDSM in her past, rather than exploring it as part of her future. There will be a lot of action in this storyline, sexual and otherwise, so I am learning how to choreograph some challenging sequences. I can also tell you that duct tape does not hold raw chicken breasts together!
You can expect more tales with woman who have some experience in their lives and a taste for adventure. Lots of hot sex, intriguing men and more hot sex. Read on!

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Sounds like a great book! Love the interview!