Ejaculate: The Good, The Bad and The Messy


Taboo? Whatever. It's interesting and fun to see how different authors handle cum, ejaculate, sperm. 

For the most part it's spoken of in a positive light—"the glistening bead of moisture seeping from the head of his cock". 

The heroine always seems overly eager to have a lick, a taste, a feel.  Well, I don't know about you, but I'd rather not get covered in the stuff. 

And where did they come up with all these different tastes?  Woodsy, man-juice, salty, earthy, sweet and sour, etc.  I think it tastes gaggingly gross, but I wouldn't bore my readers with my personal thoughts.  I'll give them what they want and make it sound irresistible.

Now, shot across a room—not so believable. Sprayed over her tits—kinda sexy.  In the face—overkill.

As an author, how do handle the white stuff?  Do you have a special name for it?  Do you ignore it, write about it?

As a reader, does reading about ejaculate turn you on or off?


Before I started to read erotic romance it was never mentioned. Now it's a given in many Erotic Romances.

For me as a reader it depends on how its written into the scene sometimes it just plan nasty and I like it and others it seems out of place.
JoanneR said…
I think that so much more could be said than to talk about the "white stuff". Not really turned off by it, but would prefer not to really read about it.
Madeleine Drake said…
Great topic, Stacey!

As a reader, I'm okay with it either way. As an author, I prefer to focus on how the characters are feeling during orgasm, rather than the appearance of bodily fluids during the orgasm.

But in terms of tastes, the health and diet of the guy has a huge impact on what his "stuff" tastes like. :) A vegetarian tastes very different than someone who eats a lot of meat, for example. I could buy woodsy--as well as bitter, pungent, astringent, salty, sweet, and any mix of those.
ROTFLMAO! What a hilarious post - your first statement - the glistening bead of moisture...
I watch it with words like - seeping, leaking, dripping - time to call the plumber when you're leaking, seeping, dripping...
I just describe it as salty and a little bitter and unique to that certain someone...
Savanna Kougar said…
Gee, I'm glad someone brought this subject 'up' or into the glistening light. I find some of the descriptions mind-bogglingly funny or ridiculous. But, it really depends on how the author includes it in the scene. I would rather have the emotions and feelings, than lots of description about squirts and spurts and spilling.
However, what really gets me as a reader is this overdone [imo] worship of the stuff... why?
And, no, sorry, my heroines do not like sucking dry. They do not like being covered or sprayed or whatever. Now, if there is truly an erotic scene that includes cum on the body... okay. But, I want erotic versus porno crap.
Rachel Clark said…
LOL Love this topic. Personally I aim to write what fits the scene and characters but I do try to avoid common ick factors.
I have to laugh though when an author describes in detail the unique taste and flavor of each participant in a menage scene. LOL I don't think my sense of taste is that strong... uhm, salty? LOL

LOLOLOLOL my verification word for this post is "sucom" ROFL
Fiona said…
Yeah, I laugh out loud when in a sex scene, an inexperienced woman suddenly gets overcome (pun intended!) by the moment and joyfully swallows it all like a porn queen! Having experienced many unpleasant moments myself, including one where an expensive Italian dinner came back up unexpectedly when in college a guy pushed my gag reflex past its limits, I find it incredible to be expected to believe such scenes! It's easier to believe in the undead and shape-shifters!
J.Rose Allister said…
Not to take this to an overly descriptive, clinical place, but how a man *tastes* varies not only by individual, but by his diet and other factors. I've actually had quite passable experiences in this department, so I don't find it at all impossible to swallow (pardon the pun) that a romance heroine could as well. Not that I'd recommend it as the secret ingredient for an Iron Chef competition, but there are guys who taste better than others--and times when the same guy's taste vary. So of course the heroes I want to read about will smell, look, AND taste like a fantasy. :)
Stacey said…
You guys are awesome! Isn't this fun :) LOL

Now if only it tasted like chocolate...only in fiction.

Corinne Davies said…
I'm completely okay with any mention of it as long as it doesn't pull me out of the story. (Any mention of cum on the face and I instantly think "money shot!" LOL)

I read and write to escape real life, it's all fantasy. Which is why the heroine never has to pick up socks or clean bathrooms. They magically take care of themselves. And of course in a fantasy the hero tastes like creamy lindor chocolate. ;-)