Guest Blogger: Author Cynthia MacGregor

Welcome, Author Cynthia MacGregor!

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Blurb from An Appetite for Passion:

Kari meets Max online, and the relationship sizzles. But there is a BIG obstacle – her weight. He knows she loves to eat but doesn’t know what that’s done to her figure. Will it bother him when he finally meets her in person?

Meanwhile, Jeff is funny and fun, and Kari loves being with him as a friend…but he admits he has a secret. Is that he is, after all, the guilty party in the political campaign sabotage? But if he’s innocent, can Kari prove it and clear Jeff’s name? And can they be more than just friends?

Let's get to know, Cynthia...

1.) What is your favorite genre to write?

Nonfiction (see my website @ ). But I write fiction too and have four novels available through SirenBookStrand, and it’s a fun change of pace. Everyone needs a change of pace once in a while. It keeps us on our toes.

2.) How long does it take you to complete a book? Do you write every day?

I write and/or edit every day, but since much of my writing is for clients (I am a full-time freelance writer/editor), not all my writing each day is on whatever my current book-in-progress is. I may instead be working on a ghostwritten book for a client, or a book to be edited for another client, or writing something other than a book (e.g. I am currently working on several projects for clients that have nothing to do with the book I am currently writing for myself or with books at all—there is an ad I am working on and much else that is far removed from book-writing). How long to complete a book? Sheesh—that depends on what else I am currently working on. Anywhere from three weeks to over six months!

 3.) Do you find you write a certain type of heroine or are they all very different?

They are all very different, but I think there is a part of me in most of my heroines. They are not the same woman over and over, and the part of me that appears in each will vary. A self-employed woman, for example. Or a divorced woman. Or an independent woman. It changes.

4.) Do you research and plot, or do the characters guide you as your write?

It’s kinda half and half. I don’t research, ‘cause I don’t write historicals, so nothing needed to research. I do plot. But the characters guide me, too.

 5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

Currently I am working on a nonfiction book about adoptees and their reunions with their birth families, as well as a ghostwritten historical novel (not a romance, and since it is a ghostwrite job I am not at liberty to disclose details), and editing a very interesting fellow’s memoirs. In the future? Heaven only knows!