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**Erotic Futuristic Romance**

Angelina knows all about survival. She can handle the tough city streets where crime and chaos are the norm. When she finally flees to the protected community of West Caper, she meets her match with the handsome small town cop.

Brandon is everything Angelina is not. He’s only known safety, security, and the love of his family. When he tries to bring Angelina into his world, she resists, unable to settle down and trust after living a life on the run.

The walls around the town are unable to protect the couple forever. Will Angelina’s past threaten the new happiness she’s found with Brandon? Can the secret she carries help a world set on destroying itself?

Be Warned: light bondage


After stumbling over furniture, and forcing them both through another doorway, he tossed her onto the bed. She’d searched Brandon’s whole apartment when alone during the day. He had a simple double bed with a heavy brown comforter, a blanket trunk at the end of the bed, a wooden dresser, and a chair. He was neat for a man living alone, everything folded and neatly arranged. The d├ęcor was a mixture of masculine browns and taupes.

Before Angelina could scramble to a sitting position, the man was on her. She hadn’t even had time to draw a weapon. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

“Bad girl, Angelina,” he whispered in her ear. His voice was deep and throaty, his breath warm and enticing. How did he escape? She wondered. Knowing her attacker was Brandon, and not some crazed stranger, put her instantly at ease.

“Brandon. This was all a misunderstanding. Really.” She spoke breathlessly, from her exertion of trying to free herself, and his body squeezing the air from her lungs.

He didn’t loosen his hold on her wrists at the side of her head, or the pressure of his hard frame against hers. She was pinned and wouldn’t be going anywhere until he chose so.

“Do you have any idea the day I’ve had? No thanks to you, of course.” He leaned lower, his nose against her neck. Brandon inhaled deeply, taking in her scent. Did betrayal have a unique fragrance? “I nearly cut off my own hand trying to get free from the car handle. Your car door’s a write-off, by the way. Then I come into town to check on my own vehicle, since you stole my keys, and I find Mr. Kinley’s dog dead. Its throat slit.”

“That wasn’t my fault. He was gonna attack me. A girl’s got a right to defend herself, doesn’t she?”

“That old mutt? He wouldn’t have hurt a fly! You on the other’re a problem Angelina, a big problem. I don’t know what I’m going to do with you now.”

She filed through her memories, looking for a way out of this mess. “You said you wanted to help me. You’re a law abiding cop, right? You wouldn’t hurt me.”

His chest rumbled against hers as he found amusement in her words. “I’m not so sure anymore. You came along and turned my life upside down, turned order into chaos. That doesn’t go unpunished.”

He pulled her wrists up above her head and held them securely with one hand, while the weight of his body continued to assault her. With his free hand, he pulled out…a set of handcuffs? He proceeded to snap them onto her wrists, while she writhed in a desperate attempt to not get shackled. When the second cuff clicked into place, he straddled her body, and then reached into his night side table with one hand and pulled out a leather belt. She briefly winced at the thought of getting whipped, but then calmed knowing Brandon wouldn’t be capable of such violence. He secured her cuffed hands to the loops in the headboard with the belt. She yanked her arms down, but found he did his job well, and she wasn’t going anywhere soon.

“Let me go!”

He trailed his hands from her wrists, down her arms, to her sides. Even in her predicament, his touch seared into her flesh, warm and erotic. “I don’t think so.”

“You can’t keep me here forever! I’ll escape. I always escape. A fucking wall can’t hold me.”

He shrugged, the moonlight from the bedroom window highlighting his broad shoulders and the sharp planes of his face. She wondered if she should be afraid of him. Maybe he wasn’t all he appeared to be. God knows she’d been fooled in the past, but thought she’d become an excellent judge of character over the years. Brandon was a classic—a decent man to a fault.

“Time to stop running, Angelina.” His voice was calm, smooth, but she sensed the underlying irritation. Part of her wanted to avoid provocation, the other part, the part that made her who she was, wanted to push him further.

“I’d like to see you try and make me, country boy!”

He groaned as he exhaled. “This is my shirt.” He proceeded to pull out a utility blade from a small pocket on his vest. She caught the gleam of metal as he lowered it to her chest.

“You wouldn’t dare!” She writhed beneath the weight of his body straddling her hips. She tugged at the restraints pulling her arms straight above her head, to no avail.

“You broke all the rules. I think I’ll take some lessons from you and break some of my own. Starting now.” He snagged the center collar of the shirt she wore, his shirt, and dragged the razor sharp blade down the center of her body in a slow, steady stroke. Never did the blade knick her skin. He watched her as he cut away the material, leaving her exposed in just her old grey sports bra. The cool air nipped at her bare flesh creating goosebumps. A mixture of chilled and erotic wanton energy swirled around inside her.

She swallowed the lump in her throat. The way he assessed her…his eyes roaming from her face, down her chest to where their groins met, and back again, made her blood burn in her veins. He licked his lower lip, appearing to have the same onset of dry mouth as she suddenly developed. This is what she wanted, wasn’t it? When she came to this God-forsaken town, she was prepared to fuck the small town cop. Sex could lower her raging libido that she’d been carrying around for years. An experiment of sorts: sex without love. She had to prove to herself that it was possible. Without emotion, she wouldn’t be betraying Brian’s memory.

But damn, did she ever fail. When she finally had the chances to go through with her intentions, she clammed up, not able to seduce the cop as planned.

This situation was different. Now Brandon called the shots, since she was effectively restrained. If he stripped her naked and fucked her senseless, it wouldn’t be her fault. Even if she liked it, which with every passing second she assumed she would, she still couldn’t be blamed for it. This was perfect. Angelina could have the sex she craved with Brandon, without committing to anything long-term, or tarnishing her love for Brian.


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