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Welcome Author Lorelei Confer!

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Blurb from Deadly Deception:

Human trafficking. One of the most prolific and profitable businesses in the world and growing every day. But that's only in third world countries, right?

Isabella Donnelley finds out the answer the hard way--through personal experience--when she is drugged at a friend’s house and transported from Denver, Colorado, to Stoney Creek, Virginia, to be sold to a crime boss as a sex slave.

She puts her life in the hands of a man she finds intensely attractive but also distrusts. Now she must rely on him to keep her safe from her pursuing abductors--and maybe from him, too.

Wyatt Bowman, former-cop-turned-detective, is assigned to the Task Force of Human Trafficking. Sparks fly when a young and beautiful woman bursts into his house. But what neither one of them counted on was how much their lives would change.

Let's get to know Lorelei...

1.) Your book sounds very intense. Did it require a lot of research?

My book did take a lot of research. I met with a detective that is actually on the task for human traffic to verify actions and procedures as well as working with awareness groups.

2.) Among the drama and suspense, what type of romance can we expect with Deadly Deception?

 You can expect ‘sizzling’ romance per Bookstrand.

3.) Are you a reader? Do you write what your read?

 I am a reader of everything but primarily romantic suspense and write romantic sexy suspense.

4.) What has been your favorite part of the publishing process?

Favorite part of publishing process was working with the editors and doing edits. I love that part.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?
  I am currently working on a book called Deadly Revenge which takes a secondary character from Deadly Deception about stalking and includes four murders and lots of titillating sexy romance. I also have another wip entitled Deadly Deliverance about background investigations, etc.

Very intriguing!  Thanks for joining me, Lorelei!!!

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Lorelei Confer said…
Thanks for having me, Stacy!
Danica Avet said…
Sounds very intense, Lorelei! I'll have to put this book in my TBR pile!
I love the blurb - going into my TBR pile as well - wishing you the best!
Lorelei Confer said…
Thanks for stopping by Julia, and Dania!
Eliza March said…
I read this book and loved the premise. It seems like you did your homework on this subject. Good luck with this book and the next one.
Eliza March