Guest Blogger: Author Misty Burke

Welcome Author Misty Burke!

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Blurb from The Last Watcher:

Sarah Thompson knows what it's like to have a midlife crisis at twenty nine. She has spent the last several years running her own yoga studio and trying to survive being single in a small gossipy town. And if that were not enough, she decides it is the perfect time to go back to school. So you see, Sarah's world was already spinning when she learns that her hunky professor has teeth … as in Vampire teeth!

This undead hero, aka Charles Underwood, introduces her to a fantastic world filled with good and evil. It is a world where Sarah learns that she is a Watcher. Her birthmark foretells a prophecy that throws her into the middle of a magical conflict where battle lines have already been drawn. Does Sarah trust this new found hero or is she just a pawn in his plans to win the war?

Let's get to know Misty...

1.) What did you bring to the paranormal romance/urban fantasy genres with The Last Watcher that will make it stand apart?

Wow Stacey, you sure know how to jump right in with a deep question. LOL. So, let’s get to it. I am proud to say that The Last Watcher does have something that makes it stand apart. It allowed me to bring a cultural element into the paranormal romance/urban fantasy genre. For example, my heroine’s Native American heritage played a significant role in her story and I feel that it gave depth to her credibility as a Watcher. I tried to intertwine Native American legends and folklore with the paranormal, hopefully making it seem more real and credible.

2.) Do you find the online community of romance authors to be welcoming or forbidding as a new author?

You know, I have found the online community to be wonderful. I was just mentioning to my husband the other night how close I felt to the other writers in my publishing house. We have a yahoo group. We have a facebook page. We chat about almost anything. But most importantly, we love to support one another. It is amazing how genuine these new friendships really are … I am blessed by them.

3.) Do you write every day? Do you challenge yourself?

Oh, the question of all questions. And how should I answer it?!? I guess the honest answer is no. I don’t write every day. I should, but I don’t. I am a homeschooling mom with 4 kids, so sometimes there is just not enough time in the day. However, I do make myself weekly word count goals and write them on my calendar (in an attempt to make them more official). And, most of the time, I stick to them.

4.) Are you a plotter or a panster? How much time did you spend on world building for The Last Watcher?

I am a plotter with panster tendencies. LOL. I like to have a well-established plot with a basic outline before I begin writing. But once I get started, my panster/alter ego steps in and can slowly redirect my outline into areas I had not considered before. (Usually making it a better story, or so I hope.)
As far as world building, this is a must from the beginning and it is the one thing I try not to change in mid-writing. I think a good paranormal world must have well defined rules and changing them mid-story could be … problematic (at least for me). I ended up dedicating about a week to creating the world for The Last Watcher.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

Well I just finished my most recent work-in-progress, The Genie of the Portrait, and here is the unofficial blurb-

Amanda had always been forgiving, until the night of her engagement. It was at that moment, when she found her new fiancĂ© banging the waitress in the bathroom, that she changed. Never again. Men were not going to use her ever again. So when she found William’s portrait and learned that his whole purpose for existing was to let her use him. An electrifying relationship resulted. This genie offered her three nights of pleasure. And Amanda quickly realized she wanted more.