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Blurb from Riding Double:

Stressed to the max by her rodeo production company, Billie turns to young bareback rider Chet Haskins for a night of fun. She expects to get her mind off her business and her bull rider ex-fiance, Bo Bennett.

What she gets is several nights of sinful pleasure with both Chet and Bo. Finding herself quite literally between two hot cowboys, will Billie decide to move forward with Chet or start over with Bo?

Let's get to know Sayde...

Thanks so much to our lovely host Stacey today! I’m so glad to be here blogging with her and getting to know you all!

1.)What is your favorite genre to read and write?

I read all through the field. But I read mostly either paranormal romances or erotic romances. I enjoy historical and mainstreams but I’m not a big thriller reader or suspense reader.

I mainly write erotic romance featuring cowboys and cowgirls which I enjoy. But every once in a while a sneaky werewolf or two will bust their way into a book or two!

2.) Another Siren-sister. When is your Siren release expected out and can you tell us a bit about it?

It’s so crazy that I sold this book to Siren. I mean I loved writing the book, adore the characters and really wanted to write more about them but it didn’t seem like I was going to be able to. Everyone loved the query letter, the partial but felt something was a bit off. My critique partner Rebecca Zanetti and I went over and over this book. Finally we figured there was nothing left to fix and on the recommendation of Siren author Jillian Chantal I sent it to Siren. In two days they emailed me wanting it. I was thrilled (still am). Untamable is the name of it and it will release in April of 2011 but in the mean time readers can read my other books Riding Double and The Harder They Buck. Those are my cowboy books currently out.

Untamable is an urban fantasy with one or two smoking hot werewolves. Here’s the back blurb to get you started:

Waking up tattooed, mated and a werewolf would shock most people but for Siddalee Brighton it’s just another day.

Siddalee has always held a burning hunger for her best friend, werewolf Jasper Gandillion. But she never realized what belonging to the animal within him would mean until he marks her in a show of passion and dominance, awakening the werewolf inside her. Siddalee was the first of many illegal breeding experiments that Luna Werewolf Nation Alpha, Dane Velham created and the only one strong enough to stop the monster from torturing other women and creating more experiments.

Will being the daughter of the monster who slaughtered Jasper’s pack destroy the love and lust between Siddalee and Jasper or will they emerge as the new Alpha’s of the Luna Werewolf Nation?

3.) What is so desirable about cowboys that women can't seem to get enough?

Oh man, that’s a tough one. For me I like writing about damaged guys who need to be healed and heroines who are damaged in their own way. Together those characters can heal each other and have some smoking hot wild sex while healing. But because of my back ground in the equine and cattle industry I find it much more realistic to me to write about men wearing boots and cowboy hats. That life is ingrained in me and I enjoy bringing it to life to readers who may never have seen a horse or cow in person or that may have never attended a rodeo. I think that the intrigue of never having done something or been somewhere is what has most readers picking up a book to read it.

4.) Do you think erotic romance will continue to be one of the best sellers?

I do. I’ve heard over and over that erotic romance is flooded and it’s a fad. Let me just say, it’s not a fad! No way. Now do I think that there are sub genres in the erotic romance genre that won’t be at the top forever, yes. But that is like a rotating wheel, those sub genres will roll to the top again and again and again.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

Right now I’m working on a cowboy book I call To Break A Filly. This is a book where my heroine loses her parents when she’s only 18 and is forced to raise her then 10 year old sister. At 28 she’s having to let her sister go off to college and she’s left with a life that she had never expected. Whats she going to do? Well, if her bull riding next door neighbor has anything to say about it, she’ll be doing him for as long as they both live. But Ella wants to be a sports announcer for the bull riding association and is determined to follow her dream, while finding out who she really is.

Next to be published though is my urban fantasy through Siren Publishing and hopefully my final two books in my Built Cowgirl Tough Series through The Wild Rose Press.

Thanks so much for letting me stop by today and visit with you all. Leave a comment telling me just what sparks your interest the most as a reader and I’ll enter you to win a Cowboy Santa Clause ornament.


Hales said…
What a great post! The book sounds delightful.
Pam Jones said…
When I read, I'm in my own little world. It lowers the stress level of the day..:)
Great interview and amazing books! Congrats on your success!
Sayde Grace said…
Hi all!! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your thoughts! As well as congrats!! I love guest blogging because I get to meet new people!! And just in case Santa ornaments aren't your thing I'll subsidute it for your choice between Riding Double or my latest release The Harder They Buck. Good luck!
Sayde Grace said…
Hi all! I picked my winner for the Santa Clause ornament or winners choice of either Riding Double or The Harder They Buck. Abigal-Madison Chase, let me know which you'd rather have and please send me an email at with that choice. Thanks to everyone for commenting and Happy Holidays!