Welcome Guest Blogger: Author Julia Rachel Barrett

Welcome Julia Rachel Barrett!

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Blurb from Come Back to Me:

Sometimes the safest path is to keep people at a distance…especially men.

Cara’s life has been one nightmare after another. Abused as a child and neglected by her parents, she’s quick to blame herself for every cruel thing that happens to her. And then there’s James, the only man capable of making her forget her misgivings and learn to love again.

James, a young doctor in training, is aware of Cara’s history. He’s determined to break through her barriers and build a life with her…and fails. Cara runs away in an attempt to reinvent herself and James fears he’s lost her for good. When she falls into the hands of a drug dealer and mob boss, life as they know it is about to get a whole lot worse.

Can their love withstand the demons of her past and present?

Let's get to know Julia...

1.) You've been getting amazing reviews for Come Back to Me! How difficult was this emotional roller coaster of a novel to write?

Come Back To Me was the most wrenching book I've written. It began as an exercise. Perhaps exorcism is a better word. The book is autobiographical. Of course I changed certain details to protect my loved ones as well as for my own sake. I began by writing in a sort of stream of conciousness manner, never imagining the book would appear in any coherent form. I was surprised when the story actually turned out to be readable so I began editing and, viola, it became a work of romance-suspense! Believe me, the wonderful reviews surprise and humble me.

2.) How important to you think it is to 'become' your character when writing? Does it make a difference in the final product?

I'm almost always 'in' my character. I think when a writer lives the imaginary life of her character, that hero or heroine feels more real, more immediate to the reader. If an author either doesn't care about her characters or loses interest, it shows. If I begin a work and lose interest, I simply set it aside. I might get back to it later, I might not. Every book I write means something to me, as do my characters.

3.) What's your favorite genre to read and write?

I really enjoy reading and writing both romance-suspense and science fiction/fantasy. My husband says I should have been a private detective because I'm very observant and curious and I love nothing more than figuring out why people do what they do. I love wondering what makes people tick. Science fiction and fantasy are pure literary escapism for me. Reading and writing a work of science fiction is like taking an adventure vacation!

4.) Abuse against women (in every form) is still a huge issue for women all over the world. Do you believe this problem is improving as society advances or do we have a long way to go?

I think we still have a long way to go. Many societies repress half their population, women, and I don't see that changing any time soon. Even in Western societies where we have legal equality, men are still bigger and stronger. Women in abusive relationships generally suffer from low self-esteem, and of course they fear their abuser. It's very difficult to come forward for many reasons.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

I'm working on another romance-suspense involving a woman in hiding. Her brother, an undercover DEA agent, has gone missing. Unfortunately for her, he's mailed her the evidence needed to indict the head of the cartel. Now she must vanish as well.

I have humorous contemporary romance coming out in April, 2011, with Siren, Pushing Her Boundaries. It's the fictionalized version of my summer canoe trip from hell! I did a series about it on my blog and after encouragement from my readers, I turned the nightmare trip into a romance.

Thanks for having me, Stacey!


Hi Stacey! Thanks for inviting me!
Tina Donahue said…
I like the depth of your characterization, Julia, and your storylines. Great stuff.

Hope you have many sales and a happy holiday. :)
You do such a great job writing about the darker side of human emotion that I must say I'm looking forward to your humorous piece just because I know you'll nail that too! Keep up the fabulous work.
Amber Skyze said…
You're an amazing writing. You're not afraid to explore the darker side of reality.
I agree as a society we have a long way to go to combat abuse.
Katalina Leon said…
Come Back to Me was an emotional and beautifully cathartic experience for me to read because it was written so well. As a culture we have a long way to go with identifying and healing the damage that lingers long after the abuse has taken place.
Being honest and bringing it into the light, is a brave step forward that everyone benefits from.
Thank you Julia!