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Blurb from The Moon, the Madness, and the Magic:

[Ménage and More: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, BDSM, shape-shifters]

Fate sealed Rourke and Dane's destiny thirty years ago. Now Celeste, a fae shifter, understands why she's irresistibly drawn to both the Werewolf and the Demon Dragon Shifter. Surely with her succubus nature, she'll be capable of seducing the two alpha men, but will she be able to convince them that sharing her to fulfill the Prophecy would be better than the alternative: chaos, destruction, or death?

Why are the men's tastes--in everything from food to sex--changing? Maybe because one is the prince of the wolf pack, and the other is the leader of the Lore, a dreaded Demon Dragon shifter. They have one option--accept their destiny and complete the ménage bond or die.

Let's get to know Eliza...

1.) Your new release, The Moon, The Madness, and the Magic is the second book in your Enchanted Mountain series. Do you develop new relationships in this book?

Yes, Stacey, I do. New characters, new paranormal beings, and new issues. My alpha hero, Rourke, is a dragon shifter coming into his own for the first time and fated to mate with a fae virgin succubus, my heroine, Celeste. To stir things up, she realizes she's also fated to be with Rourke's adoptive brother, Dane when he's attacked by Were-wolves and left to die. They must fulfill the prophecy outlined by the Council. Celia, the white unicorn from the first book, returns as a minor character, the season is spring on the mountain, and the story is a bit darker with more world-building than before. This book stands alone so you don't have to read The Lion, The Leopard, and The Wolf to enjoy it.

2.) What are your thoughts on the huge rise in ebook and ereader popularity?

I'm excited about it. Everyone who knows me sees that I'm an instant gratification kind of girl, so the increase in ebook availablity makes me ecstatic. After the RWA convention last summer I ordered "The Fire In Fiction" by Donald Maass, but bought the ebook because I couldn't wait to get the book. Now I'm happy I have both. With the new added ereaders, so many more choices have become available to us. I'm going out of town, and am relieved that I can order anything anywhere, ensuring a non-stop supply for my book addictive.

3.) Will you continue with your other menage series as well? How far do you plan to take each series?

At the moment, I have another book in mind for The Enchanted Mountain series, so that's a given. Lately, I've been thinking about a sequel to "Witch of Air and Fire" but I'm waiting for it to gel.

4.) Do you plot out your books or follow your muse?

A little of both. Plotting is the best way to avoid pitfalls while writing. For example -- discovering the opening you wrote is actually the middle of the book, then having to go back and write the beginning can be a real pain. That's what happened in this last one. I usually plot in my head even if I don't do it on paper, and when I get stuck, thankfully, I have a very talented group of authors I work with who dig me out of my hole.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

I'm working on a vampire novel and a fantasy short story. We'll see which demands my attention first. And more good news, Siren just contracted my Romantic Suspense - "Across A Crowded Room". I usually write shorter books, but this one is a monster. The love story takes place over a span of many years and several continents. Hopefully, it will be a big success, because I do have two stories already outlined for that suspense series.

Thanks for having me back, Stacey. I always enjoy stopping by your blog. Eliza

Thanks for joining me today, Eliza!!


I'm so glad I'm not the only instant gratification girl around! Your book looks hotter than hot!
Eliza March said…
Julia, they are! Sometimes I have to take a break while I'm writing. LOL
I think I like to get right to the sex, then I have the patience to dive into the story. Then I need more sex if the sexual tension starts going off the charts!
Sharron Riddle said…
This is an amazing book! Hot, hot with a great story! Thanks, Eliza!
Eliza March said…
Thank you, Sharron. I'm glad you liked it. I did get lost in the story line, but them how can you avoid writing about sex when your heroine is a succubus. LOL