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Welcome Delilah Hunt!

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Blurb from Tempting Mr. Parker:

Thirty-nine year old CEO and architect Caden Parker is in love with Shakara James. For years he’s kept his attraction to the alluring stripper a secret, masking his guilty desire with disdain and contempt. When his hunger for the twenty-one year old becomes too hot to handle, he reveals his feelings, even though he’s afraid she’ll be disgusted and reject him.

Shakara yearns for the day when Caden, her best friend’s brother, will look beyond her poverty and the choices she was forced to make as a teenage runaway. As Cade’s feelings come to light, Shakara is stunned and overjoyed, but will there be consequences for their love?

Let's get to know Delilah...

1.) Congrats on your newest release. How did you come up with the idea for Tempting Mr. Parker?

Thank you Stacey. I’m very excited about this. The idea for Tempting Mr. Parker came to me out of nowhere. I saw in my head an older man pining for a much younger woman. Once I started typing, the characters took over and I followed suit.

2.) I'm in an interracial marriage myself. Do you see a growing market for interracial romance books?

Definitely. I’m in an interracial marriage also. Years ago I had no idea this was even a genre and when I did, I had to search high and low for a book that fitted my taste. Now you can find an I/R book that suits just about anyone and more and more readers taking notice of this too.

3.) Do you plot your books or just go with the flow? Do you write every day?

I go with the flow. The characters lead me where they wish to go and when I hit a block in the road I take a step back and analyze everything that’s happened in the book and use that for plotting.

4.) What is the key to a successful erotic scene in your opinion?

For me, the key is details. Showing versus telling. I want the readers to see what my characters are doing and feel their emotions.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

Right now I’m working on another contemporary I/R, erotic as always. This novella is in the rough draft phase, but it involves a widower, a girl, and a pregnancy. That’s all I’m saying ;-)

Thanks for having me here today Stacey and I look forward to hearing from everyone.


I'm very excited to read this book. Congrats, Delilah!
There's not much interracial romance out there.
Delilah Hunt said…
Thank you ladies. Yes, Julia I hope this genre grows even more and eventually become mainstream.
A.D Blackburn said…
Great interview, Delilah! I'm working on an interracial book so its great to get a fresh perspective on it. Personally, I think the market is a little due for some love. I know I've read a few that have set my pants on fire and I have zero doubt at all that yours will have me sitting int he freezer! Best of luck to you doll!