Do Erotic Authors Write from Experience??? POLL

The Million Dollar Question from Erotic Romance Readers:


In order to investigate this question properly, I conducted a non-scientific poll of 100 popular erotic romance authors and 100 heroines from various erotic romance novels.  The results of the poll will help us answer this important question once and for all.


What do you usually call your mate's penis?

100 Heroines

50% -- Hard Cock

25% -- Mighty Dick

25% -- Steely Rod

100 Erotic Romance Authors

100% -- Stupid Wiener


What is the most common sexual position for you and your mate?

100 Heroines

40% -- Up against a barn, hard and fast

30% -- Straddling his lap on the tractor

20% -- Bent over his conference table at work

10% -- From behind while riding a horse during a round-up

100 Erotic Romance Authors

50% -- Spooning in our bed

50% -- Spooning in our bed, at least one of us is asleep


What would be your response if your mate asked you to have sex on the hood of the car in the parking lot?

100 Heroines

50% I thought you'd never ask

40% I'd drop my panties and lean over the hood

10% I'd hop on the hood and beg him to get started

100 Erotic Romance Authors

60%  Are you drunk? Get your head checked, idiot

40%  Get the groceries in the trunk, return the cart, and get in the car you motherf#$er!


What would your response be if your mate asked to bring two other men to your bedroom?

100 Heroines

60% -- Yes!  That's always been my fantasy

40% -- Bring the lube

100 Erotic Romance Authors

60% -- Good idea!  After you guys finish painting, get to work on the laminate

40% -- What the f$ck!  Do I look like one of my heroines???

I think the results are conclusive.  Erotic Romance Authors write FICTION!

Fine Print: The poll was for entertainment purposes only ;)


A.D Blackburn said…
I am in love with this post!!!!!
Missy Martine said…
This is priceless - I cant' tell you how hard I've laughed reading this to my hubby.

Missy Martine
Desiree Holt said…
OMG! This is the funniest blog I have read in ages. I laughed so hard I snorted coffee on my desk. You rock, lady.
Katie Reus said…
Hilarious! I almost knocked my coffee over :)
Dawn said…
That was fantastic Stacey!! I think I scared my children from laughing so hard :)
KyAnn said…
that was great :D I laughed out loud
Charisma Knight said…
Once again, awesome post.
Chrissie (Nay) said…
Thanks for making my morning! I was lmao!!
J.Rose Allister said…
This was too hilarious!! Color me awkward and feeling way out of place cuz I'd have gone for a couple of these LOL!
Erin M. Leaf said…
This is the best thing I have ever read. "Stupid Wiener" ROFL!
Roz Lee said…
OMG Thanks for the laugh!! I do love the looks I get when I tell people what I do. You can just see the wheels turning. I just smile and let them think what they want!

Roz Lee
Eve Langlais said…
ROFL and almost peeing my pants. That was fantastic. While I get strange looks when people find out what I write, my poor hubby gets stranger ones.
Ann Mayburn said…
Ha! You mean we're not all living in happy 3-somes with bondage loving cowboys? Sheesh, way to burst my bubble. ;)